Monday, August 16, 2010

Often, someone stops by in your life and convinces you to forget someone else. Sometimes, they’re not any better. They’re just different.
Behind every “I’m fine, I’m okay, I’m alright,” is a mind and soul occupied with confusion, trying to find a way out.
Your little quirks, flaws, and imperfections keep pulling me back in.
Money can’t buy LOVE, that’s why people steal HEARTS.
The smile on your gorgeous face brings a smile to my lonely heart.
Without trust, everything falls apart.
I’d rather hear the ugly truth than the beautiful lie any day.
Drama never ends and haters are all the same, they smile in front of your face but spit on your name.
Don’t hate me because I wasn’t who you thought I was or who you wanted me to be. From start to finish, you never took time to find out the real me.
And when you slammed the front door shut, a lot of others opened up. So did my eyes so I could see that you never were the best for me.
One moment we share are full of laughter, then it becomes hatred between each other.
How people treat you is their karma, but how you react is yours.
My head says, “who cares.” But then my heart whispers, “you do, stupid.”
Forgiveness is such a simple word, but it’s so hard to do when you’ve been hurt.
It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love, don’t lose someone you love though over your pride.
If someone wants to be in your life, they will work to be a part of it. So don’t bother saving a spot for someone who won’t make an effort to stay.
My heart pounds when I see you, I get nervous when you talk to me, and I can’t help but carelessly smile when I relive our conversations. What is this supposed to mean?There are times when we won’t see each other for a while, he’s got his life, and I have mine. But, all he has to do is smile and he has me again.
Sometimes, we must choose between what is RIGHT and what is EASY.
I always catch myself thinking about the past, when we didn’t argue and we were both okay. When things went smooth and it was never complicated between us.
It was just an innocent smile but it lit up my world.
I didn’t even like that song until I heard you sing it.
Who are worse: the people who spread the rumors or the people who are dumb enough to believe them?
I love how I can think of you and easily crack a huge grin.
And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.
Sorry I’m not the person you thought I was. But you know what? You weren’t the person I thought you were either.
Same typical story that everyone know; one heart holding on, one heart letting go.
I love how you always find a way to be the highlight of my day.
You never know how bad someone is feeling, so don’t ever say you’ve “been there.” Because unless you’ve went through every second of every moment of their life, then you don’t know how they feel. And believe it or not, they’re probably feeling worse than you think.
God gave us mouths that close and ears that don’t - that should tell us something.
I never realized how quickly I would go from being someone you loved to someone you used to know.
I adore the fact that someone like you sees something special in someone like me.
No matter how badly someone is hurting you, sometimes letting them go hurts even worse.
Did you know you used to mean a lot to me? Well, yeah that’s true. Now, you’re just another face in the crowd.
It’s amazing how the right person can be in front of you but you don’t realize it because you’re too caught up in someone else.

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  1. please keep writing. I can't live without reading this :_