Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes you have to cry for no reason to make up for all the times you wanted to cry and didn't.
I'm the girl, you're the boy. If you don't text me first, we're not talking today.
The greatest war ever fought is the was in a mind of a girl, young and in love. Between her mind screaming a warning, telling her, "there's no such thing as fairytales." and her hear whispering, 'you never know...'
At my twenty year reunion, I want everyone to point & stare and realize we've been together for this long.
He said "I'll love you forever." And she smiled and said, "Just warn me when forever starts to end."
Come with me into the trees, we'll lay on the grass and let the hours pass
Words and hearts are the two things that should be handled with care cause if words are spoken and hearts are broken, they are the hardest things to repair.
In life, you can get all caught up wishing for something that won't happen.
They told me "I don't know what you see in him" and I just said back, "I don't know what you don't."
I love you. It's not what I feel for you, it's what I don't feel for anyone else.
I love you, and I know you love me back. You don't have to tell me though, I know. Whatever happens, I'll be here. I'll wait for you.
her favorite song will say more about her than her mouth ever will
Your worst behavior is reserved for the person who loves you most. Because somehow, no matter what you do, that person will still and always accept you as you.
You should have a guy, that makes you feel happier, not upset. don't ever think that's too much to ask for.
They were in love. You could tell just by the way they looked at each other, like they had the most wonderful secret in the world between them.
The other boys just won't do, because boy- all I want is you. You light up my eyes, you're the star in my sky. We're the perfect two & I know it's true. Because when I think of love, I think of you.
Reach for the stars, stand on your tiptoes, and never tell yourself no. You, yes you, can achieve anything. It may take months, it may take years, but when you finally have a firm grasp on a star, the reward is breathtaking
Often, I think about the people who’ve walked away or drifted apart and it makes me really sad. So most times, I force myself to not think of it, and convince myself that there’s a reason why they’re not in my life now.
Love isn’t about loving each other the same way, its about understanding the word itself.
I want to be the smile, the first thought, the long drive, or the short walk, the last voice, the random call, the laugh, the perfect kiss, the comfort hug, your second half, the sparkle in your eye, the everything you need, just what you want... I want to be yours.
Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly
You complete me. Really, you do. You can make me smile even when I’m in my worst mood. It’s only in your arms that I forget all my troubles & I have complete happiness. & you’re the only one who can fill that gap in my heart, the space that has come to know you… that place that knows you’re the only one for me, that gap that will accept no one but you.
don't do anything half-ass. if you love someone, love them. if you hate someone, hate them until it hurts.
simply because you hear doesn't mean you listen.
simply because you look doesn't mean you see.
simply because you touch doesn't mean you feel.
simply because you know doesn't mean you understand

I'll love you till the stars fall out of the sky
Don't be stupid, you know I'm your number one with a bullet

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