Monday, June 14, 2010

Girl: Why is your heart beating so fast?
Boy: Because I'm sitting next to a pretty girl.

When you look at me, it's like you're secretly trying to tell me not to give up hope. But I want you to know something, i almost have.
the stars in your eyes, they drag me away this time...
Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound, and how raindrops taste like tears without pain.After all this while, I really expected things to go back to normal. And I wanted things to get better, but you never really left my mind.
You had my heart, what more could you want?
i waited eight long months, she finally set him free. i told him i couldn't lie, he was the only one for me.
You haunt my nights when I don't know where my life should go.
If your head tells you one thing & your heart tells you another, before you do anything, you should first decide whether you have a better head or a better heart.
I just wanna be the girl you think about... The one you hold hands with, the one you give your sweater to, and the one you love ... is that so hard to ask?
I'm starving for words that would ration my sadness away.
Well which would you prefer, my finger on the trigger or me face down dead across your floor?
maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much and never will I have to answer again to anyone.
I have given up on you, and in time I'll learn to let you go.
There are some hurts that you never completely get over and you think, I don't know, that time will diminish their presence. And to a degree, it does, but it still hurts because, well, hurt hurts.
I want to be better. I want to be a better student, a better friend, a better family member, a better athlete. I want to be better. But I can't.
It's one of those crushes where one glance means everything. & without that glance, you crumble.
Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.
I've got complications, got these aggravations, but I don't want to complain. I'm broken in pieces, stapled to reasons that I don't want to explain.
We gave up before we gave it a chance. and I don't understand
I like the way my body feels when its with yours.
She's one who won't say a lot to please you but you know when she does say something even the simplest and shortest sentences you know she means it with her whole heart and everything she is
It's always the person you want the most that you're better off without.
he said "every guy wants you." she said "i can name one that doesn't."

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