Friday, December 17, 2010

When I'm not around you, I'm thinking about you. Unless I'm thinking about something else. But then, I'm probably thinking about you, too.
Sorry that i loved you, sorry that i need you, sorry that i held you tight.
I know when the phone bill comes, I'll be grounded. Because we stayed up all night talking about what we'd ever do if we lost each other...
Her: Why do you insist on tickling me?
Him: Becasue I love seeing you smile and laugh.
Years from now, I won't remember every day, or the things that made us laugh so hard until our stomachs hurt. But I'll always remember that they were the ones that were there, always.
You know how I know I'm still in love with you? Because every morning I wake up, the first thing I want to see is your face.
If this isn't love, then this is the closest I've ever been.
Just ask her if she thinks about him. She'll think back to an old memory, close her eyes, and smile. She'll say, "Yeah, every once in a while."
It's those days you wish you had a boyfriend to cuddle with, hold hands, kiss, tell him everything. I just want to be loved by someone.
And for once, she can look in a mirror and smile at herself. Because, for the first time, everything seems to be going right.
Theres' a fine, fine line between together and not and there's a fine, fine line between what you wanted and what you got.
Although we fit together, we just don't belong.
And she gave everything she had to a boy,
who changed his mind...
so cry your eyes out, darling. he hurt you when he said he never would. so many broken promises and lies, so many heartaches and tears, all the pain he put you through, he doesn't deserve a girl like you.
i said i'd never forget your face, vaulted away inside my head & memories never seem to fade. you were the best part of my life. my last regret.
And tomorrow, we'll be back to our lives. I'll be here, and you'll be there. We'll pretend we don't know each other because it's for the best.
You're like a monkey bar and I held on. It was fun at first just hanging there, feet far off the ground, but then I started to get blisters, and my hands they started to sweat, and I started to slip, but I continued to hold on, adjusting my hands to make them stay, but eventually I figured out that it really was time to let go
I Thought That We'd Make It, Because You Said That We'd Make It Through.
You've ripped me apart. You've torn my heart into pieces. I've cried hours and hours over you. And damn it, I still want you.
Stay mad as long as you can. Because once you're not mad anymore, it hurts. It hurts like hell and once it hurts that bad, you can't make yourself mad anymore.
we sat there, staring into each other's eyes, knowing we both wanted it. but we were scared. we didn't want to mess up some friendship.
If there's someone you really wanna be with, they're worth waiting for.
We Don't Have Time Left To Regret.
Whoever said it was impossible miss something you never had, obviously never almost had you.
&& this right here is the exact reason i never gave up on you when everyone said to just stop trying

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