Monday, December 6, 2010

You've taught me a lot of things. Not only about life, but how it's okay to feel something extraordinary about someone.
For some moments in life, there are no words.
I'd look on the bright side...if i could find it.
You're never given the ability to wish without the ability to make it come true
she'll listen to the same song for hours, just because it reminds her of him.
beast: i want to do something for her, but what?
cogsworth: well, there's the usual things: flowers, chocolate, promises you don't intend to keep.
part of me just wants to find the right words to hurt you, the same way you hurt me.
she let you go, even though it broke her heart.
The thought of him makes my heart ache. I can't stop thinking of the last time I saw him. His large eyes filled with some emotion I couldn't read, and how it left me feeling strangely empty and wanting.
I quit. I'm over you. I fell so hard. I was always there when you needed to talk to someone. So basically, I'm tired of being just a friend or chasing you. So if you want me, I'm here. But I'm done wasting all my time on someone who doesn't care.

there aren't very many people in this world who can give you butterflies. so when you find someone who can, never let them go
The chances of me ever having another moment like this again are low, so everything I've ever wanted to say to you, here it is. You're the only one who ever got me like this.
I guess it's gonna have to hurt. I guess I'm gonna have to cry and let go of some of the things I love to get to the other side. I guess it's gonna break me down, like falling when you're trying to fly. It's sad but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.
You don't know how it feels waking up every morning knowing the one you love is with the person totally wrong for him, yet you just want him to be happy even though it hurts.
Even though she won't admit it, she still likes him. She still gets that look on her face everytime he glances her way.
There wasn't anything wonderfully amazing about him, but there was something she just couldn't resist.
I know I should probably just let go,'cause I know that it won't work out and everyone tells me that. So I try to convince myself that it's better off that way without him. But then I'll think of him and remember his smile that makes me melt. And I can't imagine myself with anyone else. And no matter how hard it will be, I want to be with him.
Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you are to become who you will be.
i told myself i wouldn't fall for you, and then i kissed you; and i woke up wanting to do it again.
honey, if it's the right guy, then he won't leave.
Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, and the romance in the relationship, and you find that you still care for that person.
tell me that it doesn't mean anything, and i'll drive away right now, and when we pass each other in the halls we can pretend we don't even know each other.
if you stay, i don't need heaven.
you said that you would always be there. but i guess we have different definitions of always.


  1. I love you site & quotes! I even spotted some pictures made by a friend of mine!

  2. I fucking love you and your site... I can relate so well!

  3. In one of your pictures, disappointments was spelled wrong. Just saying.

  4. I looved your site ! s2 Perfect !! Kisses.