Saturday, January 8, 2011

So this is me swallowing my pride, standing' in front of you, sayin' I'm sorry for that night
every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. if we could just remember this,i think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world
what do you want me to say; we can be friends? you don't get it. when you really love someone you can't just be their friend. and i don't want half of you.
if we love again, i swear i'll love you right.
thanks for acting like you cared. i actually thought you might have been there for me. but no you turned your back on me and walked away.
did you honestly think that things could stay the same between us after all the shit you pulled on me. leading me on and then throwing my heart to the floor? did you honestly think i would be okay when you walked away from me and into her arms?
i'm done. the pain is too much now and i don't know how to deal with it. i'm ready to jump on this train and leave this place. don't worry honey i'm not coming back.
the city lights shine as bright as your eyes on that summer night. i wish i could remember the way your voice made me shiver that night. and the way your hands felt perfect around my waist. i don't no what made me let you go that summer. but now i wish i could take it all back.
we stood on the corner that night in the rain. you looked me straight in the eye and told me it was time to let you go. i just nodded my head. you just walked away. i didn't even try to make you stay. what was i thinking?
the tears fell down my face like the rain. you reached up and wiped those tears away. you told me i shouldn't waste my tears over an ordinary guy. i whispered back "your not ordinary, your extraordinary."
it broke me in two when i saw you in her arms. how could you chose her over me? after everything we shared you just threw me a side. like a pair of old sneakers. did i mean anything to you? or was i just another trophy to add to your collection?
i ripped up all the photos of me and you. i tossed out all the gifts you ever got. i got rid of all the love letters and songs you wrote me. the one thing i couldn't get rid of was the way seeing you made my heart beat faster again
there are things that you don't want to happen, but you have to accept. there are things that you don't want to know, but you have to learn. and there are people you can't live without, but you have to let go.
she wants him. she can't deny it. she's just so confused. because when she thinks back to the day he shattered her, she trembles at the thought of feeling like that again.
i miss us. i miss how we used to be. how we used to talk, smile, laugh. how we used to be real friends, who could trust each other with everything. what happened to all that?
i want things to be more than okay. for you to say what you mean and mean it. i want this tension, this awkwardness to be gone. i don't want you; that ship has sailed. i just want you to admit you were wrong to break my heart the way you did
wishin' I'd realized what I had when you were mine
sometimes you get confused with who you really love, because you might think you love someone, but really you probably care about them more than anything. and you might think you can't get them off your mind, well, that's either because you want them to care, or because they were meant to be there.
he reached for her hand. "i don't want to lose you." his voice was almost in a whisper. she could feel the tears again, & she fought them back. "but you don't want to keep me either, do you?" to that, he had no response.
sometimes i wonder if you ever think of us and what happened between us. or really, what never happened between us. sometimes i just can't keep myself from wondering
and i let him kiss me that night with the stars gazing down on us, and the cold wind brushing our faces. i let the rain soak in my clothes and hair because he was all i wanted.
So close to reaching that famous happy end, almost believing this was not pretend.
even when the sun forgets to shine, i'll be there to hold you through the night. & even when we're miles and miles apart, you're the only one who hold my heart.
& i guess it doesn't matter what i am or pretend to because it's her you'll always love & it's her i'll always envy. i want to end this now so dreams of you won't keep me up but i swear i'm gonna cry. i'm sick of trying to be tough.

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  1. Please, don't think you are the only one!
    Suffering is one option.
    Choose happines, that's all. Once I was like you, really, but when I opened my eyes to help other people, it became a way to freedom.
    sorry 4 my englis, greetings from Peru