Sunday, January 2, 2011

sometimes during class, while i'm flirting with your best friend, i find myself thinking about you. about how it felt when we were together. about how we never really flirted. about how much i really miss you.
i know how this story goes, because i've read it many times before. sure, this version has a new beginning but we know they all end the same. with a broken heart, and someone who broke it.
i'm sorry i'm so screwed up, i'm sorry i'm not perfect, i'm sorry i'm not her.
we all have one guy that we wake up in the morning for, put makeup on for, dress our best for, and smile out of nowhere for. whether we see him or not, we do this. cause you never know, he could be right around the corner.
every time i see you i say "oh i’ve moved on". every time i look at you i say "yeah we're just friends" but every time you look at me and smile...i end up saying "wow it’s so hard to pretend"
i don't know what hurts worse... wishing you'd come back or knowing that even if i’d asked, that you probably wouldn't.
to be quite honest the only thing getting me through these days is the false hope that things are going to be okay, that they're going to get better.
i still wish you would call. not to go do anything, just to talk. i miss hearing your voice every night. i guess i miss you making me smile.
i wait for the day when i will forget who you are. when the taste of your name sounds old and worn. i wait for the days when i won't remember why i needed you so bad.
so what we give isn't always what we get. things change and people move on. life moves forward and people get left behind.
i cant seem to get over you. i’ve tried and tried. all these years it seems like i have wasted my time. but maybe, just maybe one day you’ll notice me and feel the same way.
her heart is breaking as she's staring at every single girl that walks by, somehow thinking that they're all better than her. tonight, she'll lie awake and tear herself down, cause that's what she's best at. she's just one of those girls that no matter how many times she's told, never believes she is beautiful.
we used to be so close, but now we can be standing right beside each other and it feels like we're a million miles apart.
i'm just a lonely girl that's in the middle of something i don't really understand.
if i had the chance, i would make it all okay. i would make it feel like you're the only one who matters most. if i had the chance i would replace all the grays with sunny days. we can sit for hours on my roof and tell the rain to go away.
you know, i still wait for your messages, as sad as it may seem. i haven't given up the thought that you'll come back to me. i think about it day & night. and even in my dreams. i don't really want you anymore, i just want you to want me.
and i can tell that i'm falling in love with you, the bruises prove it's real
i turn off the lights so you can't see my eyes. my fingers are crossed while i promise the world to you and i feel like i'm walking on air believing your lies when i thought that you cared
as i'm looking to the sky to count the stars, i wonder if you see them where you are, i'm down on both my knees and pray tomorrow brings no pain
you said it hurts and you know that i believe you searching every little thing to find a way to tell your heart just to wait a little longer, i swear we'll make it
i am the dust collecting on your bottom shelf. i am the love letter that you read once and forgot about afterward. i am nothing special, and i want nothing more than for you to tell me otherwise.
i'm sorry i ever tried. i was a fool to have hope in you.
i wanted it to be you. i wanted it to be you so badly.
i constantly wrap up what i really want to say in big words in metaphors because deep down, i know you still love her
Life is like a treadmill, no matter how fast you go or how hard you try; Sometimes, you just never get anywhere


  1. i love your blog. where do you get your pictures, if you don't mind me asking (:

  2. Keep making more!

  3. I love all of them!