Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He isn't my boyfriend, but I love his hugs, his smile, his advice, his love, his kindness and the times we laugh together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship.
"I love you." It's becoming so overused that it makes me wonder when you said it, did you mean it? Or was it just another three words in your vocabulary?
There' a girl in my mirror crying tonight, and there's nothing I can say to make her feel all right.
I know technically, we're not together, but forget the title and whatever, because if you look into my eyes and listen to what I have to say, you'll know I'm the one girl who will never walk away.
And she can't keep the pain at bay, and she can't keep the tears away for very much longer, at all.
Maybe my heart speeding up was a little too much for you.
It's so cute to see someone with a relationship holding hands, flirting, just being in love. And even though it might be something you don't have, it's something that one day, you will find.
And I wanna be the one you dream of, the one you wake up thinking of, the only picture that lies in your heart. Baby, I wanna be the one.
I dont' care about your past. I just want to be part of your future.
She's still thinking about you. She's still talking about you. She's still pretending that she hates you. She's still in love with you. And she's still not over you.
It's days like this when the sun is shining and all I can think about is your face.
I'm not a little girl anymore. I've learned who to trust and who to ignore.
miss the days when boys had cooties and recess was too short. When life was too long and decisions were made by "eeny, meeny, miney, moe." Only skinned knees brought tears and boys were yucky. Goodbye only meant until tomorrow and when your clothes didn't need to match. The only race issues were who ran faster and fun went on forever, without a broken heart.
She knew she had to be cautious when speaking to him again, for he had her heart on the line, and with simply one wrong move, she could surely find herself falling for that boy all over again.
You cry yourself to sleep at night but once the night is gone and you prepare to face a brand new day, you hide yourself behind that mastermind, you're in a disguise. It's as if you're trying to put a mask on your pain.
Silence is louder than you think.
I wanted to tell him how I couldn't get him off my mind, or how just the simple thought of him made my heart skip a beat, how I blushed every time someone just mentioned his name.
When words become useless, hold her hand.
Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes, you can't always see the pain someone feels.
You make me doodle question marks on my paper.
There's no way to be sure if it's love or not, but I swear, if you could see my heart, his initials would be engraved in it.
Take a picture of your life and remember what it looks like before it all changes.
I know it's childish and stupid, and it will probably never happen, but I wish for you at 11:11 every single night.
She may be confused about a lot of things. But she knows that the only time she's truly happy is when she's with him.
Maybe Cupid will shoot himself with his own arrow so he could see how much love hurts.
He's annoying, he's hilarious, he makes me hell, he drives me crazy, he's out of my mind, and he's everything I want.
And she's mad at herself because she's not strong enough to show you how she really feels. She just sits there and smiles, and pretends everything's okay.
You know, sometimes I can't help but think about you. It's so hart to get you out of my mind.
Let's watch a scary movie together with popcorn in our laps and I'll scream extra loud so you hold my hand.


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  3. You should probably make more friends and I LOVE this blog. Our life is kinda incomplete without it. More posts, please and thanks!

    1. I'm sorry for being away for such a long time. I'm back and will be posting more often. Please come back to read those posts.

      Sincerly sorry,
      Love Collector


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