Friday, February 26, 2010

Look in the mirror & fix yourself up. Wash away those tears. Be strong, honey. Suck it up. No one else can know. Paint on your smile & walk away. You have to pretend you're fine.
I finally let you go; but I'll never forget the amazing things you said to me.
It's hard enough you never actually loved me, but you're doing the same thing to her. I can't stand to watch you destroy another innocent girl.
She'll do anything to escape her own mind...
Don't talk to me, don't look at me or even in my direction; I finally got you out of my mind and the last thing I want is you for to obsess my thoughts again.
And I don't understand by the way you look at me, why we can't be together
i put pennies on the ground so that others will find it & have hope that their days will get better.
something’s happen for a reason. other things happen because you let them.
There's always going be that one thing you hate, but can't change, that one mistake you can't take back, & that one memory you would do
anything to have everything again.

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