Friday, January 22, 2010

Hold hands, not grudges.
Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn't.
Remember when you asked me who I loved? And I said, "No one." What I really meant was, "No one but you."
It's hard to answer the question, "What's wrong?" When nothing is even right.
I did this for me. For once, I can say that I did something for myself. I stopped letting others put themselves before me, and I took a stand.
You read through the love quotes and there's always one person on your mind that probably shouldn't be there.
"Once upon a time, I was falling in love. But now I'm only falling apart. Once upon a time, there was light in my life. But now there's only love in the dark."
How could you say I've changed? You never even knew me in the first place.
Her eyes scream with the saddest apologies, she misses her past; but she won't dare look back.
Love isn't easy, it's damn hard. It makes you go through things that you hoped you would never have to. But the marvelous thing about love,
Is that it's always worth it in the end.

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