Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.
Every smile is for you. You make my heart jump with everything you do. Grab my hand, hold it tight. It's only me and you tonight.
"To state the obvious: I didn't get my perfect fantasy. I realized you love yourself more than you could ever love me."
I used to cry because I didn't think I was loved. Now I cry because I don't think I deserve to be.
Although you may not love me, although you may not care, if you ever really need me, you'll know that I'll be there. Your love may be taken, your heart may not be free, but when your heart is broken, you can always lean on me. I'll never stop loving you, I know because I've tried. All the oceans in the world can't hold the tears I've cried.
their hearts are breaking; she isn't breathing and he isn't keeping all the promises he made. once upon a dream when the world was make-believe and everything felt so right.
she said things that she never meant, and he just couldn't trust her. two people whose love was once so strong, does anyone know..where did the spark go? will anything truly take this pain away?
You have two hearts now, yours and mine. But you say you have to let one go, and I have a funny feeling it's going to be mine.
I asked, "How long will you love me?" & you said, "When you finish counting the stars.
When someone says his name, and your eyes sparkle. When he makes you smile, and your smile shines. When he's all you think about, and you just can't think of anyone better. That's love.

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