Monday, February 28, 2011

Your'e cute, but you're disappointing. You make a great picture, but only an okay article.
Just because her eyes don't tear doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry .
Seeing you today made me realise just how far apart we've gotten. I hesitated too long to say hello, even though I should have. I wanted to see how you were doing, but we are strangers now. You don't know me anymore, maybe you don't even want to. But it's okay, things are different now.
Don't be afraid of change. You may be losing something good but you'll probably end up gaining something better.
There is absolutely no way to avoid change. You can sit there and cross your arms and refuse it, but things are still spinning.
I thought of us. It's hard to talk these days. Did we change or were we strangers all along?
I like to pretend that everything's all right because when everybody else thinks you're fine, sometimes you forget for a while that you're not.
I miss us. I miss how we used to be. How we used to talk, smile, laugh, How we used to be real friends, who could trust each other with everything. What happened to all that?
She tried to tell him how she felt. How for so many hours, she cried her heart out. But he just ignored her and walked on by.
I'm terrified of winding up alone forever, but I'm more terrified of being with the wrong person, when the right one shows up.
The only thing I really want right now is a guy that will be my real reason to stay because I'm so tired of running away.
Unlike her, I was there for you through the tough times. When you actually needed a best friend. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you anymore, maybe it never did. But it meant a lot to me. You meant a lot to me. And you still do.
We scream our insecurities, but mutter our apologies. And that's why this world will always be so wrong.
I hate to admit it, but I still think about you. It's not enough to want you back, but it's enough to miss the good things about you.
Why is it that you always know when a guy likes your friends, but when a guy likes you, you're completely clueless and everyone thinks you're crazy to not be able to see how much he cares.
I really missed you tonight. I miss talking to you, knowing that you get me. And every time I talk to someone else, it just reminds me of how much they don't.
Not a million fights could make me hate you. You're invincible. Yeah, it's true.
Eight letters, three words, one regret: I miss you.
Sometimes your closest friends end up hurting you more than your worst enemies even come close to.
I think the key to getting over someone is a lived life and some best friends.
Sometimes I just want to be comforted, you know? I want my mom to realize I'm crying and hug me. I want someone to show they care.
I can't take you seriously because I know you don't believe your words either.
The greatest thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your mistakes and weakness, and still finds you completely amazing.

We're just dancing, singing, laughing, crying, living, dying, thriving, striving, walking, sleeping, stalking, playing, losing, winning, kissing, spinning, running. We're all just growing up.

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