Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here's to the moments where we didn't think about right or wrong. Where we just lived, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.
I'll wait for the day when I forget who you are, when the sound of your name is old & worn, the days when I forget why I needed you so bad.
You always said I had a hard time saying what's on my mind. Well, here it goes: I hate you for what you've done to me.
Yeah. I admit it, you played me. But you'll be sure to regret it. You just wait and see, heartbroken and lonely is not how I'm going to let myself be. You'll be out one night, with the girl of the week. And you'll come crawling back, saying damn girl I really care. And guess what playa? I. wont. be. there.
In the end, you just get tired. Tired of the struggle. Tired of losing everything that matters to you. Tired of watching everything turn to dust. If you live long enough, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone.
I've dreamed of your name next to my own. But mine's looking fine up there alone
I just wanted to let you know I'm okay now. Not thanks to you though. So yes, I trekked the road alone and made it- but it would have been nice to have a hand to hold.
Bad guys lie to get you in bed, good guys lie to get in your heart
You should recognize this next move because you perfected it. It's called turning my back on you and leaving you behind.
So take your empty words, your broken promises, and all the time you stole because I'm done with this.
When you run out of whores, don't expect me to be there.
They say 'forgive and forget', but if someone is worth forgiving, you'll never forget them.
Our eyes were placed in front because it's more important to look forward than to look back.
When you've finally found someone good, don't go looking for someone better.
I'm over you, because I didn't get that I'm going to puke feeling in my stomach when you texted me last night.
I tell everyone that if you came back to me, I'd hurt you and play you just like you did me. Truth be told; I could never do that to you.
This is what you deserve. I hope you miss me now, just as much as I missed you before you turned me away. But don't come to me now, I've found someone better.
I stopped throwing coins into the fountain a long time ago. I don't cross my fingers anymore or make a wish when I blow out my birthday candles. I guess it's because the normal side of me finally realized that no matter what dumb things I do, the things I wish for won't happen.
you took the breath right out of me and left a hole were my heart should be
When I handed you my heart, I didn't realize you would give it back split into a million different shattered pieces.
Expecting life to treat you well because you're a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge you because you're a vegetarian.
They say no guy is worth your tears. Truth is, you can’t really stop a girl from crying after her heart has been broken. It’s up to her to realise the wrong and do her best to move one.
People say that time heals everything, but I'm still waiting.
Sometimes you have to be your own hero.


  1. I loveeee your blog!!
    I check it practically everyday :)
    keep up the good work

  2. I love your blog! I look at a new one everyday :)