Sunday, May 2, 2010

The perfect boy for me would be the one who understands me, understands my need to argue, my want to sometimes be alone, and my craving for love.
if i had a snowflake for everytime i thought of you, we'd have a really white Christmas
My greatest fear in life is not having a big enough impact on someone's life to always be remembered
With the way she acts, you would never know that she locks herself in her room at night and quietly reminds herself how much she hates her life
Because when I'm around him, the sky is a different blue
Strong is a big word. It's either something we have to be, something we are or something we are striving to be.
I'm one of those people who won't leave you in the dark. I'll stay there with you till you find your way.
People are just pathetic these days, I mean seriously if you need to know everything about everyone and care so much about your enemies you have a serious issue. I mean come on, mind your own business and leave the rest of us alone.
Do you believe in forever? I don't even believe in tomorrow.
You pulled me back into your arms, hugged me for longer, and told me you didn't want to let me go; I live for these moments.
When you're around, my whole body knows it. I'll keep talking, but my mind has no idea what I'm saying.
I do what all women do; I think. I blame myself. I marinate in my failure. I hate myself sometimes. Sometimes I cry. More than often, I stare at the ceiling and wonder, what's wrong with me?
When you first kissed me, the world stopped spinning. For the first time, in this thing called love, I was winning.
I really can't explain it, but I like you without even trying. I love the things you say, & how you never fail to make me smile. & by the end of the night, you're still always on my mind.
You know you're in love when you forget about that one person you thought you'd never get over.
You moved the earth but now the sky is falling down.
They say follow your heart, but what if your brain still telling you things better than what your heart is telling you?
Knowing that I get to see you makes every second I have to wait a little more bearable.
Sometimes all it takes is someone who looks forward to seeing you.
With my fingertips, I trace on your bare skin all of the things I'd like to say but cannot speak. You mean everything. There not quite words enough, to tell you all the things that you've become for me.
Tears hit my pillow seeps in through the threads, you're lost within my memory, a nightmare that never ends.

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