Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesterday she ran up to him and just waited for him to talk to her, but she's done waiting. She's done waiting for her chance to shine. She's done it too many times.
We all have that boy. That boy who you're completely over, but you still think about before you sleep. That boy who you avoid talking to, but still wish he would IM you just once. That boy who you have to make yourself not think about, but always wonder if he is thinking about you.
If someone wants to talk to you, they'll make the effort to do so. It's as simple as that.
I'm tired of being sad.
I'm tired of crying.
I'm tired of feeling empty inside.
I'm tired of feeling worthless.
I'm tired of feeling stuck.
I"m tired of feeling crazy.
I'm tired of being alone.
I'm tired of yelling.

I'm tired of pretending.
I'm tired of dreaming of a life I will never have.
I'm tired of missing things.
I'm tired of missing people.
I'm tired of remembering.
I'm tired of wishing I could start all over.
I'm tired of not being able to just let go.
I'm tired of faking it.
I'm tired of being different.
I'm tired of being angry.
I'm tired of needing help.
I'm tired of always wondering when god
is finally going to let me be happy.
Most of all, I'm just tired of being tired

I wish I was a little kid again.
I want someone to take care of me;
I want someone to clean up my messes
and remind me what's right from wrong.
I want to be awed at, even if what I'm doing isn't cute.
I want to be yelled at before I make the same mistake again and
I want to be held in someone's arms while I cry my heart out
I'm a daughter hiding my depression. I'm your friend acting like I'm fine. I'm a teenager pushing her tears aside. I'm the girl sitting next to you. I'm the one asking you to care. I'm your friend hoping you'll be there.
I believed every thing you said, & I gave you the best I had. Yet..
It's amazing because, when you're a kid you see the life you want and it never crosses your mind that it isn't gonna turn out that way.
The boy she wanted don't seem to want her to. The feeling that he had are through, through.
He was always that boy but I was never really that girl
When the world is not enough, come back to me. When your dreams have lost their touch, come back to me. When you're tired of chasing rainbows that never do end, and nothing in this world is good enough, just come back to me again.
tonight, I’ll stay home and miss you more than you'll ever know
I can sleep forever these days, cause in my dreams I see you again.
it's hard to smile when you know he's not watching
I hold on when I should let go. I wait for answers I'll never get to know. I hope for clarity and understanding, but I only find the emptiness expanding. I can't find the heartbeat of this city.
And it's killing me, because all this time, I thought you cared. And then you just left, left me behind. Struggling for breathe, and screaming my lungs out. And it's making me wonder if you ever cared at all.
i didn't want it to mean that much to me
i guess it's because i can't help but to remember everything. i mean you see somebody and you think about all they've ever said and done
the good and the bad, it all comes back to you, and it feels so right and hurts so bad all at once

you look at me from across the room with that look on your face, like something is stopping you from walking those simple steps to me
and today when you walked by and couldn't even bear to look at my face, i felt my heart break. you don't know how much it hurts to see the person you care about more than anything else in the world, pass you right by like you're not even there
I think that's why it's taking me so long to get over you: I have nobody else to turn to. once I find someone better, trust me boy, this won't last. You'll be good as gone, just another part of my past.
people say that the bad memories cause the most pain, but actually its the good ones that drive you insane
you ask me, "what`s wrong?" and you sound so sincere, but i wonder what you would do if i said everything that was wrong had to do with you
I bite my lip when you come around, because blood in my mouth is better than tears on the ground.
I’m the girl your ex will hate, your mother will love, and the girl you'll want to be with forever
As I stand here looking at you, I wonder if there will ever be a day when I will get over your smile. When I will let go of the hugs you gave me, a day that I continue to feel. A day when I forget the words you said to me. Whatever happens to us, I know I could never get over, let go of, or forget about you.
If you just realize what I just realized, then we'd be perfect for each other, and we'd never find another. Just realize what I just realized, we'd never have to wonder if we missed out on each other.
Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them.
I've been dreaming about being with beautiful men lately, it's so much better than dreaming about being with you.
Loneliness doesn't kill. It aches, and it taunts, but it doesn't kill you. Sometimes, I wish it did.
he used to be so close to me. now, i have to live with the knowledge that i lost him as a friend
and I regret every single word that I said to make him feel special
now I’m writing you this letter and its killing me tonight that I agreed when you believed it wasn’t right. and i couldn’t sleep up on the bed so I’m down here on the floor, where I’m not supposed to love you anymore.