Sunday, May 30, 2010

I need to feel you holding me, I need to feel your touch, 'cause I miss your love so much, && I can't keep living one this way. I need you here with me, why did she take you away from me?
There's gonna be a point where you just stop and suddenly wonder "what the fuck"
If we cut out the bad, well then we'd have nothing left.
maybe some friendships aren't meant to be saved. maybe we're meant to spend a certain part of our lives with certain people then move on
If you believe in me, that changes everything.
Sometimes people run away to be alone, but they also run away to see who cares enough to run after them.
It's not that I don't care about you. It's that I've finally decided to get my priorities straight. And I'm only putting you on my list if you can find somewhere to place me on yours.
the pretty scars on her arm? those are to keep track of how many times shes screwed up
color outside the lines. let yourself daydream. agree with your imagination and laugh at all of the rules.
anyone who can touch you can hurt you or heal you,& anyone who can reach you can love you or leave you.
being chased feels good, being hard to get feels good, but what it you're the one chasing? What if you're the one trying and still not getting what you want? It doesn't feel any good, does it?
just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly
you change your life by changing your heart
The pain is knowing you're right for each other, just not now.
because i showed weakness, that's why i was upset, not that you asked or anything
I'm not trying anymore, I gave up on everything. Everything, except maybe for you.
you know me too well, when i said i didn't love you, you looked me right in the eyes and said bullshit, you're just running away
And if you're listening, I miss you.
And if you hear me now, I need you.

Just promise me one thing... you won't turn out to be like all the rest.
If the drugs won't even numb her pain anymore. I'm not sure what will.
&& I don't remember how your voice sounds. It finally stopped haunting me.
She used to talk about you like you were the sun on a summer day. Now she talks about you like you were Hitler in a past life.
I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes. But those are just a long lost memory of mine.
I woke up this morning and I found out that I had a smile on my face. I asked myself, "What's this for?" and then I remembered you.
in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see- this is my heart bleeding before you; this is me down on my knees. & these foolish games are tearing me apart. & your thoughtless words are breaking my heart. you're breaking my heart.
just as i began to heal and the scars began to disappear, you had to break me and bring me back down.
You can try your hardest, you can do and say everything but sometimes people just aren't worth trying over anymore, they aren't worth
worrying about. It's important to know when to let go of someone who only brings you down.

I’ve come to realize guys are like drugs, either they'll kill you or give you the most amazing high of your life
never felt like 'just friends' whenever I was with you.
if over you means; completely unable to forget, still wishing, still wanting, unable to cure at all, then yeah I’m totally & completely over you.
is real love when you dont hate someone for breaking your heart?

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