Friday, September 4, 2009

And it's just my luck to end up getting stuck to everything you are.
Sometimes the person you want the most, is the person you're much better without.
I can't be with someone who has doubts, no matter how small they are, i need someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them, i don't want just part of your heart, I want all of it, & you can't promise me that.
it was just one of those moments that belonged in a black and white photo.
he doesn't even realize the little things he does that break her heart.
Hes so confusing. Some of the things he says to me, makes me believe that he really does like me, and then some other things he says makes me believe that I'm just a girl who never even crosses his mind.
When I see you with her, i still can't believe that we can't have that anymore.
sometimes i catch myself wondering where you are or what you're doing. i dont think i'll ever be completely over you.
give up girl, romance is dead. you want to cuddle, he wants to go to bed.
i'm sitting here, so far away from you. i've tried so hard, and i don't know what i should do. it's all been tried, and it's all failed. it's bringing me back to where i once fell. i just want to find my way back to you.
Boys. N.Definition-Immature male humanbeings. Check - Assholes, Heartbreakers and/or Liars for further definition.
It's gettin' hard to be around you. Theres so much I can't say and do you want me to hide the feelings and look the other away.
lets kiss in the rain & lets hug when everyone is watching. lets laugh under the stars and promise to be together forever
Everyone says go for it. He probably wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him
But I know they're lying; He doesn't want to be with me.
here i am, building up the courage to tell you how i feel. yet i don't think it will matter. it never does.
i looked into his eyes and thought to myself 'the leaves aren't the only things that are falling fast'
i miss the way he played with my hair and how we spent late nights confessing our secrets and everytime i look at him all i think of is what could have been while i hold the hand of another guy and i'm forced to look away.
why are some girls so naive? he didnt unbutton your blouse, to see a better view of your heart.
he told her to let go of anything she ever thought was real.
she loosened her grip, to everything but him.
Someday, you're going to wake up and realize that you need me;; But by then i'll be waking up next to the guy who realized that long before you.
My eyes are screaming, "Look at me". My hands want to be held in yours. My lips want to be kissed. I'm thinking, "baby, can I be yours?" But most of all.. my heart wants to know, will you let me be a part of you?
And tonight there you are holding her close to your heart and I try not to look, but when I do i can't seem to breathe
when you feel like your heart has been torn out & broken in two, & you feel like the world is ending, then we can discuss being "just friends".
Do not tell her she is ugly. She already knows that she is. She can't even look in the mirror. She refuses to look at other girl's pictures, because she knows that if she does...She will realize that no guy would want her, if he could have any other pretty girl on the planet.
I can't kiss a guy i've had a crush on my whole life and pretend it doesn't mean a thing.
I watch you sign on and wait for you to say hello.
I roll over your screenname seeing how long you've been on, and how long you have waited to talk to me.
when you finally say hi..I think for one moment "maybe he's waiting for me to talk to him too"
no i don't like you,
i just stare at you all day long for no reason what so ever.
You were a risk. A giant risk.
You reminded me why I don't take risks.
she said, "I'll always love you" and sometimes she wanted to cut out her stupid heart and give it to him, because she meant it that much.
its just so difficult being me instead of we.
I don’t want someone constantly saying I’m beautiful or hot or sexy. I want someone who will fight with me, tell me he hates me and act like he’s crying just so I will kiss him. I want someone who will make me do things with him and his friends and not always do everything i say. I don’t want that "perfect guy" to every other girl, I want my perfect guy. The one who is no where near perfect and knows I’m not either but loves me anyways.
One day when it's way too late, your going to say, " I love you. " Then when I don't reply your going to muster up everything you have and ask, "Do you love me?" and you know what I'm going to say, "I used to love you, I wish i still did, but you were with all those other girls, and you were way too blind to see what was right in front of you the whole time. I've dropped you hints, and I've tried to make it clear, but you never caught on. So right now I'm going to have to say, we're just friends, like you did to me all those times."
I will always be that girl, wanting but never having. I will always be that girl, seeing but never feeling. I will always be that girl, who doesn't know the difference between dreams and reality. I guess you can say, I will always be that girl, waiting.
i find myself glancing in your direction during class. and it makes my heart jump all over the place when i catch you staring right back.
you would think she would’ve learned by now that he’s simply not worth her time but there she goes again trying to win his heart again.

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