Thursday, September 3, 2009

Every night is the same, I stare out my window, and pick out a star. && every night I wish the same thing, even though I know it will never come true. I still don't give up, every night, I wish for you.
It's hard to get over people & I mean really get over them.
You can start to have feelings for other people but it doesnt mean you're over them it just means you'e moving on.

But you - you get me everytime why do you have to be so .. you ?
trust me, you're impossible to ignore
I check the msn list every 5 seconds just in case i missed him.
He kissed her for the first time, then wondered why he had waited so long.

"You make me laugh," she said. "You make me smile," she said. "You made me fall in love," she said.
theres always going to be that one thing you wish for, but never get. that one mistake you can never take back. & most of all, that one memory that you would do anything to get back.

i thought you said you loved me, i thought you said you'd call.
i thought you said you cared, i thought you said we'd be forever.
i thought you said a lot of things. but i guess i was wrong.

Sometimes you wait your whole life for something and you don’t realize you found him until he’s gone and you have to start waiting all over again.

Fine. But when she dumps you or you dump her don’t come back to me. Because I’m not good enough now and I won’t be good enough then.
Dear Santa, i hope he'll fit in my stocking. If he doesn't just make him throw rocks at my window.

I’ll go to the movies with him, i’ll hold his hand maybe kiss him. If he asks me out, I might say yes. But you know the whole time I will be wishing it was you I was sitting next to.
you make me smile. you make me laugh. you make me blush. but most importantly, you make me happy.

and no one will ever know how many times she told herself that she just wasn't good enough.

you are my fairytale. a dream when i'm not sleeping. a wish upon a star that came true
Tell me you've had trouble sleeping; that you toss and turn from side to side, that it's my face that you've been seeing in your dreams at night

he's all i want, just for me..
underneath my christmas tree- i'll be waiting here, Santa thats my only wish this year
[ s h e ' s e v e r y t h i n g a g u y w o u l d w a n t]
And she may give you a lot of stuff.
BUT ME; i'd just give you the world. I guess thats not enough.

i'm not crazy, i'm not obsessed, i'm not even a hopeless romantic. I'm just a girl who knows she can't let the love of her life slip away.
It took me a long time to realize this & i think I'm starting to, but sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted.

He's the only one who's got enough of me to break my heart.
He's the song in the car i keep singing, don't know why I do.
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
&& for once i wish it could be more than just another crush.

you're something between a dream & a miracle.

when i smile, he smiles. when i laugh, he laughs. when i talk, he listens. when i'm mad, he apologizes & those are only a few of the reasons why i love him.

I kept on hoping we could find a way to make it real.
I tell myself it's getting better when it never will.
I would never want for you to be alone.
It's so hard to tell you so, but I'm letting go.

the biggest mistake you can make is to drift apart from someone, who you once had the time of your life with.

sometimes the smallest things are the hardest to do like clicking on his screen name && just saying "hey".
he is her first true love. the kind that really only happens once.

his smile makes her realize how beautiful the world can really be.
He would ask me why i was smiling, and i would just laugh because i could never admit that for one second while i was smiling i did it so that he would too.

i want to be the girl you stop dead in the middle of a sentence, just to look at.
so lets walk hand in hand,down the street. Just to let everyone know,that we're in love.

the moment i looked over, my heart dropped because i finally realized that's what i wanted.

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