Monday, September 7, 2009

i've become used to long talks, late at night i don't think i'll ever be able to stop expecting those calls.
yeah. im over him. im pretty sure. well. sort of. alright. i admit it. i still might like him.
i love that you call at random hours of the day. it can be at seven in the morning or eleven-o'clock at night, it makes no difference. i always love the sound of your voice.
she'll never be good enough && she needs to give up. && everyday she puts on a fake smile, and pretends she's okay.
the first thing i heard on the radio this morning was the song that i always associate with you. i couldn't even try to hold back the tears. it was fate; telling me to forgive you.
i hate you, i love you, i'm depressed, i'm happy. my emotions. . . you've messed them up.
I'm holding on to a dream that i know wont come true wanting you to want me the way i want you.
if i tell you how i really feel, promise me you wont go crazy so if i tell you, will you feel the same, or will you think im a total idiot for caring about you.
I'M NOT PERFECT..i can yell at you, be mad at you, say stupid things & take them back, even pretend i hate you.. but nobody in the whole world cares about you more than me.
I want a boy, who tells me he can't stop thinking about me. Who sings to me, even if he can't. And who could break my heart, but would never dream of it.
LOVE is not needing a snooze button on your alarm clock because when it goes off the first time in the morning, thoughts of your loved one makes it impossible to fall back asleep.
i was diagnosed as being in love. the medicine is you. the addictionis awesome. and the withdrawl is hell.
And now everytime someone ruffles your hair or asks you to dance, everytime the full moon is out and everytime the sun paints the sky, he'll be all that's on your mind.
even though i've "stopped liking you," every time someone says your name, my head turns right towards them. it's like everytime i hear it, i think of all we could have had and all that could have happened...that didn't.
then everything comes back to you the memories, the laughs, the i love you's and you want nothing more to share all those with him again
there are so many things i want to say to you, but time's caught up and now i'll never say them except that i've loved you from the moment i saw you and every moment since.
Maybe we just broke up cause it wasn't meant to be. Maybe we weren't meant for each other. Maybe we just weren't meant to be more than friends. I'll accept that. Because love is unpredictable, whatever happens happens. & if in the end, we do end up back together, at least I know it's cause fate wanted us to. Not cause we forced it.
I met someone who drives me mad. Who I'm going to fight with, laugh with, and do totally insane things with; & it's someone who turns my life upside down.
& it's so hard when you talk about her...because then i know it's not me you're thinking about when you're smiling & it's not me on you're mind when you dream, it's her. she's so perfect. how could i be good as her, ever?
You're not the cutest boy I've seen. You're not the smartest of my friends. I know people better than you at sports. You could be in better shape if you tried. These are only a few of your imperfections. But the truth? I'd rather have you over any perfect guy I met.
its so hard for her --everytime she hears your name she can't help but want to cry.
SOMETIMES .. no matter how long or how hard you've loved someone ..they'll never love you back. & no matter how much it hurts you'll have to be okay with that..
&& when i saw you, i was trying to remember how to breathe…it wasn't working so well.
Still got so many unsaid things that i wanna say, and i just can't wait another day, i wish he knew. I still wait up wondering if he remembers me, but there's no way for me to know.
If I looked you straight in the eyes & told you I wanted to be with you, would you kiss me or walk away?
if i can do it, so can you i got over you, so tell me when are you going to get over yourself?
You know you like her. Would it kill you to admit it? Maybe treat her halfway decent? She deserves it, you know. She won't wait around forever for you. And you will regret it.
Everytime I see him, I can't help but think, 'I wonder if he still thinks I'm pretty, or if he might have lied to me about that too"
they'll pass each other in the halls and they'll both exchange glances but don't speak to each other cause they're both afraid of taking chances.
Remember that the only things we need sometimes are chilly nights and warmer days, 'cause there's nothing like being held in the arms of a boy, your crazy about.
So what's the best feeling Like, ever in the world? Seeing your name in his profile.
I wish life was like a black and white movie, so I couldn't fall for the color of your lying eyes.
this is for the girls that quit believing in love all cause of one boy who tore their heart in half. this is for the girls who are afraid to give their hearts out ; for some day, you will find a boy worth giving it to.
i know he's he everything you think you want and you've fallen completely in love with his eyes and his smile but i've seen this all before; you never truely know what lies behind those deep blue eyes of his
he put me through pain and he knows it.
that's why he can't look me in the eyes like he used to.

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