Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She told him that she believes in living bigger than she's living now but her world keeps spinning backwards.
sometimes you gotta get fucked up to feel sober. cry to see clear && fall down a hundred times before you learn to pick yourself up.
&& When I saw you with her I just wanted to sit down & Cry right there in the hallway.
the funny thing is - he has n0 idea what he's doing to me inside.
i smile when i pass him in the halls. i smile when he calls. i smile at the littlest things he does. i smile when he doesn't realize it. i smile when he gets online. i smile when i think about him. so basically, i smile all the time.
"You can erase someone from your mind, but getting them out of your heart is another story."
There's no past tense in love. You either do, you don't or you never did.
Take chances. because it's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to stare at that line for the rest of your life.
she refuses to throw away the pictures, for the tiny chance that someday she`ll be his, once again.
Boy: Have you ever been in love?
Girl: No
Boy: But - -
Girl: Been is in the past - - I am in love
& he w h i s p e r e d to her ;' the only way i could ever hurt you is by holding your hand too tight. '
When he signs on, it seems as if your world stops - & waits, for that one instant message to come when he says "HEY."
I hate it how I don`t talk to you in about a month but then all of a sudden you talk to me again and it`s like as if nothing happened & i slowly start falling for you all over again.
to think, for like t e n m i n u t e s . .I actually thought I might have.....had a chance.
when i dont see you in the halls for those few minutes in between classes it bums me out going to my next class because those few minutes between class are the best moments of my whole day.
I want to be the girl you draw little pictures of.
You say you don't love him but I see it in your eyes that you want him I know that you need him I can tell by the look on your face when you see him that you still care I know somewhere in your heart you wish he was here.
i hope one day you'll realize how lucky you were to have someone love you the way i did & how stupid you were to let it go.
For him I'd smile when he's happy, kiss him when he's sad, try to be the perfect girl & calm him when he's mad. Hold his hand to make him strong & say he's right when I know he's wrong.
you just go around ;;breaking hearts like its nothing & hurting the girls who believed that you were everything.
sometimes a girl just has to ask, when is it my turn? when is it my turn to get the boy that my heart is crazy for, when is it my turn to get asked to the school dance, when is it my turn to have someone come from behind and hug you at your locker? everyone is getting their turn,
but when will mine ever come around?
there might be a morning when i wake up and his face isn't the first thing I see. or a lazy afternoon when i can't quite recall anymore where the freckles were on his right shoulder. maybe someday, i wont take him with me everywhere i go.
He asked me if I was alright. I looked at him, speechless. "Yeah" I said. Then I thought about it, and I looked into his eyes as mine filled with tears.
Even if you lied and said that you loved her. Even if you decieved her for just a minute. The words would still make her feel alive. She doesn't care if you lie or not. She just wants you.
I'm weird with relationships. I think i know what I want, then I run. I think I run because I'm scared, I'm scared that I might get hurt. Or maybe I just havent found somone who I know is worth being hurt for.
don't talk to me. don't smile at me. don't even look at me. because i'm not going to let myself fall again.
So tell me, when she's touching you, just by mistake, do you accidently say my name?
There was a quick move a sudden burst of heat and I swear to you my heart skipped a beat when your lips touched mine.
i looked him in the eye and told him to take it or leave it. i don't care but my heart was whispering take it the entire time.
Girls arent complicated. I mean how hard is it to tell us that we're beautiful & give us flowers?
I never thought someone could capture my heart, or knock me off my feet. That someone could make me fall so hard, to a point where its hard to sleep and eat.
remember when i said iloveyou? well forget it. i take it back. i was just a stupid kid back then. i take back everything i ever said.
She tell's him that she wants him and he says he wants her too. But she means more than physically she wants his feelings too.
its killing me everyone can feel our chemistry but you can't see it at all.
she whispers "i love you", but not loud enough for him to hear. and when he asks what she said, she says it's not important even though that was the biggest lie she ever told.

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