Thursday, September 10, 2009

do you know what its like to reach for the phone, and then have to pull your hand back because you remember youre not supposed to call anymore? You sit back with tears building up in your eyes because you know its not the last time you'll miss the conversations you shared.
If he says he loves you && your heart doesnt skip a beat then don't say it back, because it isn't true.
thinking of you gets me all excited; like a kid getting a note in their lunchbox.
I hate our favorite restaurant, our favorite movie, our favorite show. We would stay up all through the night. We would laugh and sing throughout the night. I can't forgive, can't forget, can't give in. What went wrong cuz you said this was right. You just had to mess with me & my life.
Have you ever heard the expression you break it you buy it, well sweetie.. pay up
she's scared to say anything of what she feels for you because shes afraid she wouldn't be good enough and that you would just throw her heart away.
I know she loves you & i can't do a thing. so i'll just let you go and watch my life disappear.
if i ask you to be my one & only...what would you say?
i'm tired of pretending that everything's okay ; the tears are starting to show & my smile is fading away.
All i want is a guy who would memorize my favorite song just to sing it to me whenever i am feeling down.
When you're holding have no idea that you're holding my heart in your hands.
i looked him in the eye and told him to take it or leave it. i don't care but my heart was whispering take it the entire time.
they played that song tonight. the one we used to love...and it broke my heart.
It wasnt that I wanted a boyfriend. I wanted HIM to be my boyfriend.
i can remember sitting there; watching you watch me
Can’t you see it? She loves you, more then you could imagine its in her eyes, Its in her voice, Its in her smile. She’s so different when your around, so much happier, you’re the one for her, but you don’t see that do you?
Why do we always go out of our way to hold on to the wrong ones & let the right ones slip right through our fingers?
I think that even when your relationship has long ended, if you loved him you always will. Love isn't one of those things that fizzles out. If you really, truly loved him. If it was really, truly, love. There will always be a part of you that still does.
He looks at me and my heart starts skipping beats, my face starts to glow, & my eyes start to twinkle..Imagine what he would do to me if he smiled.
she doesn't understand it. the way she looks at you, and the way you look at her. it's so obvious, but yet you're not together.
love is about taking risks. the risk of rejection. the risk of heartbreak and the risk of falling in love and not being able to get out.
So, please, just be patient. I'm so afraid to care about someone. I know it seems like i'm this strong girl who can get through everything, but inside i'm very fragile. I've had so many things thrown at me, & each one has only made a crack. What i'm afraid of is shattering.
mixed emotions.
you wish he never looked your way.
mixed emotions.
girls say, "what's he see in her anyways?"
mixed emotions.
he brings you trouble in lots of ways.
mixed emotions.
but you know you love him too.

listen to your friends when they tell you he's a bad thing because they can see everything you refuse to except.
i had the feeling that those looks you gave me were real. what if i ripped your heart apart at the seams. maybe then you'd know how i feel.
&& i'm sitting here trying to convince myself that you`re not the one for me.
You make me smile for the weirdest reasons, you make me laugh for no reason whatsoever but most of all, you make me love you, when I'm not supposed to be loving you at all.
and sometimes i think that maybe it'd be so much easier if i were just pretty.
there was no place for me in your past but you can make a place for me in your future.
i'm somewhere between giving up & hanging on to see how much more i can take.
i slowly fell in love with him..too blind to see him slowly fall in love with her.
her friends tell her she's gorgeous. she ignores their comments, && on the inside, she thinks she's the ugliest person alive.
walking away isn't the hardest part. its knowing that he wont come running after me that hurts.
he's the hottest thing; since sunburn!
From the moment we first spoke. To all those times we stare at eachother. You knew I liked you. It's just that she got in our way.

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