Monday, September 7, 2009

i feel like i've been alone for so long that when someone so great comes along it cant be true and i start to doubt it but really i just dont want someone to care so much about me because in the end i'll always be the one hurt.
do you want to know the truth? im scared okay? im terrified to get too close to you because i dont want to get my heart broken im afraid that if we take this further im just going to get hurt and to be honest, i dont think i could take that.
if your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you another before you do anything you should first decide whether you have a better head or a better heart.
remember when..a smile could end a fight, a "hi" could start a friendship, a movie could start a crush and a hug could make me blush and then another boy just made us fall away.
you think your funny trying to make me jealous, silly boy you should know I don't fall for your games anymore.
i'll wait for you but I can't wait forever if you want me, come find me.
last year I had no idea who you were and now I wonder how I ever lasted without you
these games are getting old almost as old as your lies, I don't believe in you anymore.
I got my eye on you boy, you've put a spell on me.
There is no longer you and I, I'm tired of your stupid lies.
If we ever loose touch, and if we go our seperate ways, I'd like you to know that I will never forget you. Certain things, certain memories wll always stay with me, and thinking about them will brighten up my darkest of days. Thankyou once love, I love you.
dance in the rain just to get soaked, call a friend just because you care, smile just because you can and laugh just to make people stare.
i'll fall asleep to the sounds of you whispering just how much you love me.
everyone hates hearing me talk about you & my friends call me stupid for wanting to be with you. they all tell me that i can do a hundred times better than you, but nobody understands how much i truly care for you.
be my weekend-lover, be my spure of the moment crush, i want you like a bad habit, but i'm just not good enough
it's like half of me wants to be with him && the other half wants to seriously get over him.
it was pouring outside, and your mom came to pick us up, but the car was like, way on the other side of the street. so you grabbed my hand and we ran for it. and it was probably only about ten seconds or so, but when we got in the car, the only thing i could think about was the fact that you held my hand.
how could you forget me and so easily walk away when id give up a thousand tomorrows for just one yesterday.
when are we going to be together,
will you love me or will it take forever?
i love you always with all my heart,
be with you and never apart.
with this poem i have one thing in mind,
you just have to read the first word in each line.
sometimes i really miss being in elementary school. it ws never so dramatic and boys werent the reasons why you would get a broken heart it was if someone broke your favorite toy. and everyone was friends with everyone. no one called anyone anything worse than a meanie or a tattle tale.
i dont want to have the same old story; girl and boy fall in love -- boy breaks girls heart. no, lets start something new; girl and boy fall in love & stay that way.
remember: when you give your heart and mind and soul to a silly boy it probably won't come back all in one piece.
i was worried you wouldn't love me so i didn't tell you my true feelings.
i still turn them all down because my heart still has your name on it.
he said he would stay on the phone until i stopped talking & fell asleep. when i woke up, i heard him say, "good morning. did you know you have deep conversations in your sleep? & incase you didn't know, i love you, too."
Yeah, i'm over you. But I still have you on the top of my buddylist, & I still smile when you sign on..
& here i am giving her advice on the guy i still love.
you're the boy who i want to ride the ferris wheel with & then kiss when we stop at the top.
I don't cry over guys anymore why you ask cuz one boy completely tore my heart in two, stomped on it, && promised he'd never do it again, but he did.
I want someone who won't care that i never wear shoes, that i'm incapable of staying still, that i can't grasp the concept of cleaning & i refuse to be lady-like. Someone who realizes that half the decisions i make, i regret.
My best friend is a guy..& i can tell him anything. oh, except for the fact im absolutly crazy for him.
It used to kill knowing you were online but wouldn't talk to me, that's when I realized that I don't mean anything to you, and I never did.
everytime i pass you by, you still take my breath away. but you give me that look, that look that says i hate you. and you know what? that's okay because ...hey, i only gave you everything.
when you can't stop a certain feeling from coming back you have to think: maybe it's supposed to be there. maybe you aren't supposed to keep denying it.
their old song comes on the radio. all the lies, memories, and tears come rushing right back to her again.

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