Friday, September 4, 2009

even though i remind myself that we'll most likely never be together, i just can't let myself fall for ANYONE else.
Usually I wouldn’t want the summer to end, but if school means going back to see you smile everyday, school's gonna be my hobby this year.
You’re letting her think you're emotionally available. You’re letting her think she has a chance. & there is nothing worse in the world then thinking you have a chance, when you really don’t…
When she's silent that's when you know something's wrong cause she's always the one to get in trouble for talking to her friends & telling secrets about the girl sitting across from her & screamin i love you in the halls. so when she's not talking, theres a problem.
If you want to be with her then go ahead. I'm not stopping you. I'm not breaking my heart over this. I'm sick with the lies you told me. I'm tired of trying to make you love me. Someday you're going to see someone else is going be with me.
She takes the old notes & throws them away. She looks at the old msn conversations one last time & then clicks the delete button
She takes one look at all the pictures & rips them in half. She takes one look back at the memories.
I want a guy who would stay awake at 3:00 in the morning, just to witness me smiling in my sleep; A guy that would hold my hand, and tell his "boys" that I was the one... I want a guy who would stare into my eyes, and let me know he loves me, without even speaking a word...
old my hand, brush the hair off my face, whisper in my ear, hug me when i'm cold, i don't care how you do it, just show me you care.
i think i’m over you and then just as the last tear dries, i start bawling all over again because i know i’ll never be over you.
oh how i wish that getting over you was as easy as deleting all those sappy little away messages i saved for you.
what you did to me, what you put me through, i'll never forget.
i can't let myself fall for anyone, i can't let myself go through that again.
i'm scared of spiders, of sharks, the dark, loss, scary movies, everything.
but when i'm with you, i'm not scared anymore.
A good friend will comfort you when he rejects you, but a best friend will go up to him and say, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"
it's weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends to being practicaly strangers again and it happens so quickly.
if you "don't want me back", if you "don't love me anymore" then why is it that when i stop talking to you, you always talk to me.
Are we too old to play hide and seek? Cause i'd give anything to hear you say "I found you".
It was time to go home, to go home without each other, i said i love you, he said the same, i said call when you miss me, he smiled & kissed me, i walked towards my car & my phone rang.
you left that night without knowing something. And I laid there staring at the sky, with everyone looking at me and saying "You should have told him".
last week i saw you holding hands with someone new. somehow i kept my composure, just like everything was cool. but inside i kept repeating, "don't let them see you cry." so i casually turned my head, as the tears rolled down my eyes.
It's like that school girl kind of love. The one where you chew on your pen and look out the window and imagine you two getting married.
Put that music up a little louder on my ipod, my ears are hurting yet I don't care. All I can think about is that tune, and I am not thinking about you.
let me ask you, where do we stand? a kiss on the lips, and holding of hands but we're still just good friends?
she didn't even have to work at loving him, it was the easiest thing she'd ever done ; imagining herself in his arms, just seemed as natural as breathing.
He breaks your heart & tells you lies. Why do girls always fall for these guys?
so i said between my smiles and my regrets "don't let this be over" but you put your hand over my mouth and whispered "IT ALREADY IS".
they asked me to describe myself so i said, " i'm a teenager girl with hazel eyes and i'm in love and if you were to ask him, he probably wouldn't even know i exist ".
i can't explain what its like not knowing if i ever cross your mind.
he brings her flowers at the doorstep and chocolates when she's upset, he tells her "get-well" better than a card does && when she says it's not enough, he's willing to try harder, the girls can see it, he is madly in l o v e with her. so why can't she? and she said... nothingcanfix a broken heart.
I want a guy that will make me happy. Someone that will make me smile when i hear his voice. Someone that will love me uncondtionally. I want a guy that will make my friends say to one another, "She's happy again."
LIE TO ME ;; TELL ME I MATTER through mumbled words & un-forgiving lips, spill your heart out to me. or if you're too shy to speak, let your pen splatter dishonesty; cause i can't bare the truth.
would you like me more if i was ...a little skinner? a little smarter? a little prettier? a little fitter? a little sportier? a little healthier? a bit funnier? in other words -- would you like me if i was someone else?
just so you know, the only thing i really to see him again. you know, hear him sing off key, watch him roll his eyes at me when i steal french fries off his plate. i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm crazy for him.
I could spend hours getting ready and trying to look perfect just for you. and all she has to do is wear sweatpants for you to think that she looks better than I ever could
just like iPods; hearts are being played all over the world.
It was strange to see you again. Introduced by a friend of a friend. Looked at you, smiled and said, "Yes, I think we've met before."
That insant, it started to pour.

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