Thursday, September 17, 2009

My friends are telling me i shouldn't waste my time. But i can't concentrate until i make you mine.
you know someone is a true friend when, you are about to break down & cry, but they will say the stupidest, most random thing just to see you smile.
at eleven-thirty last night you called me. i was crying because i hadn't talked to you for so long. you asked quickly, "baby what's wrong?!" i smiled a little and whispered, "i missed you."
For a brief moment you made me smile..then you took it all away..I'm back to faking those smiles just so the tears don't come.
i don't wanna pretend anymore. i'm going to let you know how i feel. seven words, baby. i don't want to be without you.
i hate how we never got our chance to see what we could have been. i hate how i know i'm not over you && how i pretend to be. i hate how you totally moved on, && you have no idea that i haven't.
When I look at you, I don't see this wonderful guy that knew exactly what he wanted. All i see is this little boy, who didn't know what a good thing he had
when you look at me a certain way i feel like we're both playing a game. where we won't admit it but deep down we both know we should be together.
when my away message says -'go away. i don't want to talk to anyone.' it really means -'please talk to me cos i want to talk to you'.
You get mad at the guys who flirt with me when all you do is sit back and watch them.
she said, "i'll always love you." and sometimes she wanted to cut out her stupid heart & give it to him, because she meant it that much.
you know that feeling you get when you're trying to decide whether to jump into a pool of freezing cold water? that's the feeling i get when i try to talk to you.
&& all she really wants is someone that will treat her right, someone that will call`her BEAUTIFUL when she needs it the most && someone
that will LOVE her endlessly
when you look into my eyes i can't help but want you and i hold myself back from crying because i know i'll never get you.
"he probably loves her" i said twirling my hair & staring at them, he was holding her tight & something about the way he held her made me believe she was important to him but when he saw me looking, his grip loosened a little & he looked down shamefully, i turned & started walking away, but he never did follow.
life is like a bus: you can get on and go somewhere or you can just sit there and watch it pass you by.
you know you really love someone when you don’t even hate them when they love someone else.
I pass him on the street & tell myself, "Whats the point? We barely talk, so we might as well be strangers."
i want the kind of guy who will take me to concerts and let me gawk over hot singers but know i still love him best.
the only way to stop loving someone is to find someone else to love instead.
I can honestly say that I love you. you're just the perfect guy for me I still can't believe that we met. I actually think it was fate, too bad you're still in love with her.
That’s the trick..You can't care too much. It’s good to have guys like you, but always keep them at a distance. Never give them a chance to hurt you. Kiss them, flirt with them, keep them on a string, but never, ever fall for one.
i want to take it back to the day when we first met. if i could, i'd start all over again.
she had had her doubts a l l n i g h t l o n g on whether he really loved her, or not he must've read her mind because he grabbed her tightly and said, "i love you so much. you don't even know."
Don't talk, just forget about it. I was wrong to think you meant everything to me.
you've got your addiction and i've got mine. the problem is, our addictions should be to each other but you've found something that i'm sure you love more than me. i'm hoping the day doesn't come that you finally choose it over me.
love is when a girl puts on perfume & a boy puts on cologne & they go out just so they can smell each other.
don't let that stupid friend of yours get in between us. keep telling yourself. he's just jealous.
i'm so scared that one day you're going to realize that i'm not as perfect as you're so convinced that i am
it used to be that i couldn't go a day without calling you at least once. i would do everything for you. make you cookies. go out of my way to hang out with you anything. nowadays though i've kind of backed off. don't think that i like you any less, don't think that at all. it's just that i want you to work a little harder to be with me. and i want to act as though i can live without you, even though you and i both know that's completely impossible.
i'll piss you off just to say that im sorry. i'll hurt you to kiss it and make it better but in the end you know i will do anything to be your everything without you my life wouldnt be quite be the same. as a matter of fact i would be completely lifeless.
1 boy who will make my dreams come true.
1 boy who will love me no matter what i do.
someone that i can hug;; who won`t break my heart.
who will know how to treat me riight from the start.
if youu can fulfill my wishes, please let me know
i'm falling into a puddle...& it's not full of's full of memories....between me & you
He calls you up out of the blue one day..and you know he thinks he's talking to the girl that you used to be. So when you tell him he's just a memory, isn't it funny how his voice cracks when he says goodbye?
the things he would do for me are nothing compared to the things he would do for her.

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