Sunday, September 20, 2009

there's a vacancy sign hanging on my heart and i heard yours is looking for a place to stay.
i sit in my room every night thinking about him. at the same time, he sits on his bed thinking about --- her
i want to yell at you..because the way you look at her is the way i want you too look at me.
so what if i still like him && would do anything to get him back? doesnt change the fact that he's over and done with me.
she's not the type of girl to wait by the phone. she won't cry; she knows it'll get her nowhere. She`ll laugh a lot &often. &she`ll live her own life. She`d like you to be a part of it.. but she'll do just fine without you.
I want the boyyy;; you know, the one that sings so terribly but it makes me love the song.
they warned me. they tried to tell me. but i wouldn't listen. and look where we are now. i should've listened.
you're just a stain i want to get rid of.
I've got the windows rolled down and the music turned up, i'm doing everything i can to keep my mind off of us.
i'm kinda hard to please but you manage to find every single way to make me smile.
Today ; i realized why i hate you.
But tomorrow ; i`ll realize why i love you
I don't want to be the girl that you come to for advice or "hang out with". I want to be the girl you want to be with forever.
and when she gets mad & starts to yell.. kiss her
& we drew chalk hearts on the sidewalk at the park
According to my calculations;; you're my perfect match.

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