Friday, September 4, 2009

I want to look at photographs of us and twenty years later, I want you to be there to laugh at all the memories we made.
how did it feel when you ripped that girl's heart out? when you told her you never loved her. when you saw tears coming out of
her eyes as your words scorched her.... did you care at all?

Here's to the night I stood in the park, to the night I cried so hard I couldn't breathe.
To the night I prayed for him to come back to me, and of course to the night where he never looked back.

L is for your lies that i willingly believed,
O is for the other girl that was chosen over me.
V is for the vicious way that you used "love" to break my heart.
E is for everything we could have been, had you not torn us apart.
-- this is what love means to me after what you've done.
so congratulations boy, you broke my heart; you won.

last summer, how can i describe it? it was the best 3 months of my life.
i found the guy who can make me smile, just by the way he says hello when he picks up the phone. the guy who makes my hands shake when im sitting next to him and the guy who isn’t afraid to keep hugging me , when im not really ready to let go.
my favorite time is when you whisper in my ear at random times "i love you".
on the phone a year later, he asked her if she missed him. Her reply was "I don't miss you, i miss the guy who called me every second he could ..who sat home on Saturday nights thinking of me when we couldnt be together ..the guy who came to my house after every fight the guy who told me, I looked like a star, the guy wasn't just the love of my life."
shes doing her work like any other day, but today you popped into her head.
she dropped her pencil it rolled off her desk hitting the floor
her thoughts of her work had left her mind then she thought to herself, is it possible, is it really possible?
I'm over him..

you can tell when shes in class thinking of you, her eyes sparkle & she starts softly singing to herself a song that reminds her of you...
You know you're crazy about someone when you take the long way to class, walk up the extra staircase, and down two extra halls just to see his smile.
as soon as you get online, whose name do u look for first? when a s l o w song comes on the radio..whose face comes to your mind first? when you hear your phone ringing.. who do u hope it is calling? whose name makes your stomach drop when u hear it?
&& nobody ever thought she would be the kind of girl who cries herself to sleep at night.

I want a guy who would watch Disney movies with me until the wee hours of the night . he'd laugh at my lame, corney jokes, even if they wern't funny. and every time I looked into his eyes, they'd still leave me breathless

don't you ever wonder when it says he's typing a message, and then doesn't send it, don't you ever wonder what he was about to say, how it could've just maybe changed your life forever.
But you felt the same way with her, i know you did. i bet at the time, you thought you wouldn't find anyone else like her. than you met me. which you claim me to be better than her. well, there's going to be another girl. i know there will be.

sometimes i ask myself why do i even fight for us anymore ?
but then, later down the road i see you. i actually see you. and it just all comes back to me.

she could write a forty chapter novel about every little thing she loves about him & never get tired of reading it.

i just love the way you look at me, cause it makes me feel like im worth something, and not anything at all.
love is when you walk all the way to the other side of the classroom to sharpen your pencil in order to walk by him, then realizing that your pencil is a mechanical one.

I'll be your accident if you'll be my ambulance.
I'll be your screech and crash if you'll be my crutch and cast.
&& I'll be your one more time if you'll be my one last chance
cheesy pick-up lines are your expertise, lucky for you, i was stupid enough to fall for them.

every time i look at her, it makes me want to cry, cause i know that i never made him smile like that.
she knows tons of guys who would die for the chance, but she cant explain it.. why she cares about the one guy, who doesn't care about her.

We talk as if nothing had ever happened between us. I smile at you like you never meant anything more than a friend, but look in my eyes, i hope you know im dying inside.
It's amazing how whenever i try to like another guy you always seem to sneak into my mind and whisper,
"Hey, remember me?"

Think of me as you undo her dress.
I hope you hear my voice as you kiss her neck.
And as lust is screaming for release, i hope to god you're remembering me.

take my hand across this slippery ice, i promise, we'll make it & if we don't, we fall together.

You know, she really did love you more than anyone else; but you just let her walk into your life&walk right back out.
Boy, you missed your chance because nobody will ever love you like that girl did. So go get yourself screwed over by one of those sluts who have a new boyfriend every week, because that girl doesn't care a n y m o r e
maybe we weren't meant to be, maybe we were never supposed to fall in love. heck, maybe we werent even meant to meet each other. but there's one thing i know is true. i loved you with everything in me.

a boy && a girl stood in line for his favorite rollercoaster. the girl shuddered in fear ;; her fear, heights. she glanced at the boy with watery
eyes and managed to say "i can't do this." he put his hand on her cheek and smiled. "i promise you. if you fall out, i'll go with you."

Kiss her like she's famous. Hold her like she's everything. &tell her that she's the only one for you

i want you to put out your hand & grab for mine while all your friends are watching, & say "c'mon, baby let's make them jealous."
i want someone who will day dream about me in class then the teacher with yell at him && tell him he needs to listen, he'll say he's sorry && look at me ,smile && whisper, i love you baby.

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