Monday, September 28, 2009

i wrote him a note saying "i wish you knew what it felt like to be obsessed.." he wrote me back saying "what if i do?" && he smiled.
you're the one that i stay up all night thinking about....coming up with cute things that i wish could happen
The most comfortable place in the world is me & you, my head on your chest, feeling in rise & fall & your heart beat, your arms wrapped around me holding me so tight.
so, there's this boy and he's got a hold on her heart, she didn't want to fall for him like this, but she just can't help it
so make her laugh a little & help her get through, she used to cry & no one knew, help her out & treat her right, it's been a while since she smiled so bright. show her that not all guys lie, be the one to keep her tears dry.
& shes back to the "i like him but he doesn't know" stage. All she wants to be is to be brave.
Don't tell me you understand until you cry yourself to sleep every night ; until you wish it all would just end. don't tell me to understand until you know how it feels to always be peoples second third and fourth choice.
Her shoes are killing her. She lost her lipgloss. Her hair went flat and nothing in her closet looked right. But being in his arms and hearing him whisper, "You look beautiful," makes it all worthwhile.
Think I would die if you were to ignore me;; Any fool can see just how much I adore you.
..if it`s not forever, then whats the point?
she didn't know how much she cared until she realized that he didn't care at all.

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