Friday, April 23, 2010

Depression is a way of saying, “I’m watching myself die, can we make this any faster?”
Why can’t I accept the fact that I should just let you go?
I live in a place full of people pretending to be someone they're not, but when I talk to you, I am the girl I want to be.
It’s funny how so many things remind me of you.
A part of me wants an answer, but a part of me doesn’t want to know. A part of me wants to keep holding on, but a part of me wants to let you go.
When your listening to a song and your heartbroken the lyrics mean so much more.
Just because somebody flirts with you doesn’t mean they like you. Just because somebody likes you doesn’t mean they want to go out with you. Just because somebody wants to go out with you doesn’t mean they love you. Just because somebody loves you doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you. Because people lie, things change. Boyfriends cheat, bestfriends ditch, and there are always going to be those people who would kill to see you fall.
I don’t know if the pain is gone, or if I’m just getting used to it.
always listen to a drunk guys words. because one; its always the funniest thing to listen to and two; because usually what they say is true.
Just because I can hold back the tears now doesn’t mean that you’re not on my mind from morning to night.

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