Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'm not crying because you're mean. i just can't imagine how incredibly painful it must be to be you.
Impossible is not a fact, It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, It's a dare. Impossible is potential, Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.
I hate how you sit there and act like you know me. Let's get this straight. You used to know me. And you remember what happened with that situation? See, that girl you used to know.. she left. Just like you did.
Before you go and criticize someone else, remember, you've got your own imperfections too.
we are afraid to care too much for the fear that the other person does not care at all
Is she broken? Maybe.
Does it hurt? Like hell.

he put me through hell & he knows it that's why he can't talk to me like he used to
everything i could ever do to try to heal the scar in you; i will.
I swear to you I'll try my best. I won't let you fall. I won't let another god damn tear run down your face. You're everything, and I need you to see that. I'm sorry that I haven't treated you well in the past. I'm sorry I gave up on you. I'm here now, and I'm not going to sit back and let you lose yourself this time. I promise you that.
Should I blame love for making me think about that person everyday? Or should I blame that person for making me feel this way?

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