Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hope her hand breaks when you hold it.
I hope she's allergic to your first kiss.
I hope she screams when you tell her you love her.
I hope she crys when cheat on her like you did to me.

he turned around and looked right at me and said nothing not even a small "hi".
it was as if the times we had spent together the times i spent loving him just werent important it was as if they never even happened.

the way i feel in your arms makes the whole world kinda disappear. that's the feeling i've been looking for.

There are some days where I sit and wonder what we could be, & then there are other days where I sit and wonder why I even waste my time.
There's guys with better cars. There's guys with better grades. Even guys with better looks, What made you so special? idk.

I want to do exactly what you did to me; lead you on, make you fall for me and then let you go effortlessly.
so grab my hand a little tighter and don't be afraid to move a little closer.

I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she just wants to be closer to you.
i made a list of right and wrong things. you were number one on both lists.

When a guy breaks my heart I never actually wonder why. Because everytime I look in the mirror, I understand.
that's the can't care too much.
it's good to have guys like you, but always keep them at a distance.
never give them a chance to hurt you. kiss them, flirt with them, keep them on a string, but never, ever fall for one.

I have this fear that one day you'll finally get a good look at me and I'm going to disappoint you cause you'll see that I am not as strong or
as good as you think I am, and I'm afraid that it will change the way you think about me.

He said "I love you." She said "I hate you."
He said "Your everything to me" She said "Your nothing to me."
He said "Why are you being so mean?" She said "I've heard it all before."

She knows tons of guys who would die for the chance, but she can't explain it, why she cares about the one guy who doesn't care about her.
we met. we became friends. i trusted him. we flirted. i fell for him. he flirted with her. he ruined everything.

Yeah, I'm the one walking away. I'm the one this time.
But you`re the one who walked away from everything we`ve had as friends or anything more the day you decided to say the things you did.

I try to smile when I see other girls with you.
I act like everything is okay, but you don't know how it feels to be so in love with someone who doesn't even care.

Even when the sun forgets to shine, i'll be there to hold you through the night. & Even when we're miles and miles apart, you're the only one who holds my heart
it's funny how the person I thought I didn't want, was the person that I had needed all along.

but you can't judge a book by looking at it's cover. you can't love someone while messing with another.
Best friend's get you through the hard times, the sad times & the confused times. If you turn & walk away, your best friend follows. If you lose your way, they guide you.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wanna disconnect your internet, turn off your cell phone & lock yourself in your room?
I do, because I wanna get away from all this bullshit.

you must be my shooting star. because everything i wished for; is everything you are.

if you love somebody, let them go.
if they return, they were always yours.
if they don't, they never were
Let's be one of those cliche couples; the ones who hold hands in line, kiss each other in the hallway, & make everyone insanely jealous.

If you'd just listen to her, maybe you'd understand. Maybe instead of thinking you know everything, let go of your ego for awhile & you'd start to get to know her. And maybe if you threw away your fears of getting hurt, & just loved her, maybe you two could make it.
I’m scared because i don’t want anyone else to have your heart.
I don’t want anyone else to kiss your lips.
I don’t want anyone else to be in your arms.
I don’t want anyone else to be the one you love.
I’m scared because i don’t want anyone else to take my place

There's a guy out there who will want to tell everyone that he's your boyfriend.
Quit goofing around and go find him.

you're not something i just looked at and didn't think a thing of, you were one of those things i looked at and knew i just had to have you

Don't ever think you're nothing because somewhere along the line there's going to be someone who might think you're everything.
the second chance means nothing if nothing was learned from the first one.

if you two don`t end up together, that just means there`s someone out there who is more perfect waiting for you.
I miss the days you held me, and the days i heard your voice. I miss the days you were there. Us falling apart wasn't my choice. I miss the days you kissed me, and the feelings we used to show. But most of all, I miss the guy that I thought I used to know.

He's one of those guys who really does love you, but just never really learned how to show it.
From the corner of my eye, i see a glimpse of you. my heart is just about to burst into butterflies, but my mind scolds & says "control yourself. you know that this boy isn't right for you anymore."


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