Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'd rather be lonely, if we can't be with each other.

friends aren't supposed to get jealous when you meet a new guy; they're supposed to ask if he has a brother.
This is for the girls who have sad song lyrics in their away messages and have tried to make someone understand through a subliminally appealing profile. Those who have time and time again dropped their crush hint after hint, only to watch him chase after the pretty girls.

Her phone rang, she figured it was just her best friend. She looked and saw that it was the boy who let her go, the boy whose heart she still wanted, the boy who hadn't talked to her in days. She picked up the phone and she asked why he was calling and he admitted, "I want to see you again."
she was always second best, so she never thought she'd be the first he picked. she never thought he wanted her so bad.

falling in love with you wasn't the plan but when you held me in your arms something told me this is where i need to be.
did you know when you were holding me that you were going to let me go? && did you know i was falling hard for you? i thought you were the one. were you only having fun? how could you make a girl feel that way while you never felt a thing?

& i'm scared that i`m gonna walk out of this room without you ever realizing how much you really, truly mean to me.
I miss you so much, your voice, your touch, but most of all, i miss how i felt when you cuddled with me

I want to be that girl. I want to be that girl he changes himself for, the one that he proves his reputation wrong to.
the one that is 'different from all the others.' I want to be the one all his friends know about cus he talks about me so much.
the one that there is no comparison to. I want him to be my everything.

It’s funny how I don't want to share someone who's not even mine.

i hate how you fill up my profiles and aways.
i hate how every song i hear, i can always relate it to you.
i hate how i care so much about something that isn't worth caring for.
i hate how people tell me that you're not worth it, yet i still want and will always want you.

i hate it when my cellphone rings & your name doesn't show ;
i hate it when i hear our song it kills me long + slow ;
i hate the way you still smile at me ; even though she's at your side
i hate the nights when i'm all alone ; & all the times i cried
i hate the way you say my name or just the way you look ;
i hate the way you'll never see & the way you'll never know.

And he asked me,
"How do I know if im in love with you or not?"
And I responded with,
"If you have to ask me then your not"

She was trying to figure it all out. Maybe she liked him, or maybe she liked the idea of him.

so maybe one day you`ll realize why you shouldn`t have ignored me that night.
my world falls apart with that smile you always give me, but i'm not letting myself give in.
your still the same guy, with the same wrong motives.

i was so used to you calling me, because every night we use to speak & now I still wait by the phone until I fall asleep
she has those SILLY QUOTES in her profile that he`ll never know they are always about him.

give people chances, & if they mess up, just remember that everyone makes mistakes & no ones perfect. think to yourself that this might be that persons last day to live, last day to breathe, last day to have a chance.
tears flowing down her cheeks. a broken, tattered soul. cold hands and feet, chapped lips and cheeks. skinny legs and tousled hair. yeah, her heart`s broken for sure.

you never think the last time is the last time. you never think there will be more you think you will have forever. but you don't.
and i cant believe i ever cared about someone like you, its amazing how someone can seem so perfect, and then in one second flat, they are the complete opposite.

Sometimes I wish you hated me, i really do. Maybe then I wouldn't have to sit there everyday being your bestfriend and know that i can't have you.
I want to be the girl that he tells everything to, the girl he automatically sits next to, and the girl he'll fall in love with.

Everytime I'm close to you, there`s so much I can't say & you just walk away..never understanding what you mean to me
I promised myself that i would never love you again, but I can't get you off my mind, I can't convince myself of a lie, i'm back to where i started from.

have you ever felt like you can't ever be good enough for the next guy because you gave everything to the one who broke your heart.
you may not know it yet, maybe you'll never even think about it, you're going to meet a lot of girls throughout your life, and maybe a lot of them will be special to you. but I'm telling you right now, you'll never find another me.

every night she finds herself lying in bed, reliving and remembering every glance he gave and every word he said.
you know what I think hurts the most? the feeling of being replaced.
it's like no matter what you did, it wasn't enough. and no matter what you do to try and capture their heart again, doesn't seem to work. and you're suddenly left thinking that you'll never be enough. and a sudden sadness captures your heart that never really leaves.

it's because whenever shes around him, she smiles & it's safe to say she hasnt had this feeling from a boy in quite a while.
Sometimes i wish you would just come up to me and tell me what you honestly think of me.
it might hurt but at least i'll know what you truly think of me and i won't have a empty feeling in my heart anymore.

all my life i thought i needed the perfect setting, the perfect opportunity & the perfect way to tell someone i love them but suddenly,
i realized i don't need any of that because i know it`ll be perfect as long as i'm saying it to you
I'll sit and smile as you tell me about you're new girl.
I hope she's happy. She gets my whole world.


  1. This was so's the same deal I'm stuck with. A guy who's been my best friend for about ten years and I've loved him for about...hmmm...ten of those years. I never got up the nerve to tell him. Now he has a new girlfriend who he loves to talk to me about. It cuts like knives but it hurts less than being away from him. He doesn't even know. He thinks of me like a sister. He even told me that. And I still can't get up the nerve to tell him. Hell, I'd do anything for him to realize, even if he rejected. At least that way, I wouldn't have the what if hanging over my head. But I can't. Maybe one day I'll tell him but it'll probably be too late.

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