Friday, October 23, 2009

here's to late nights on the phone, sneaking kisses in the hallways, dancing in the rain, and the sound of my heart breaking when you tell me t h i s i s g o o d b y e.
it's weird. i mean, yeah, i miss you. but it`s so much more than that. i miss the way my heart just stops at the sight of you & your smile -- but the sad part is, it's not just your smile i'm missing. it's mine too. the one that is only there when yours is
let me ruin your life let me break your heart let me destroy who you thought you were then i'll ask you if we can just be friends just like you did to me
your lies are burning like the end of a cigarette, but i refuse to inhale your lies.
oh, dont worry about her. shes always upset, shes always in love with someone who doesnt love her back. shes always heart-broken so shes fine. by now, shes used to it.
Maybe, if you payed attention for once ;; you'd realize you're the only one she talks about lately
I scribbled my heart out on a piece of paper. He crumbled up the paper and stuck my feelings in his pocket
She finally lets go of her fake smile, and the tears roll down her face, as she whispers in the mirror..."I don't want to be me."
You love me. You love me not.
You love me. You love me not.
You love me, but deep down inside, you love her more.

i tell myself that if i had another chance with you that i wouldnt take it, that i wouldturn you down and i would be happy, that i would never think of you again, but the truth is lying only makes it worse.
so maybe you dont know it now you might not ever know it but i still think of you when times get hard because you were the only one who knew how to make things better

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