Thursday, October 1, 2009

In front of total strangers, would you kiss me?
Call me for no reason.. just cause you miss me?

he's so confusing. some of the things he says to me makes me believe that he really does like me, and then some other things he says makes me believe that i'm just a girl who never crosses his mind.
i kept running back to the one thing i needed to run away from the most.
You can't do this. You can't put one relationship on hold for another. It's like call waiting... you leave one person on hold long enough, and they'll hang up.
you & me ; its like writing our names on a foggy window & watching them fade away.
even though we have our bad days, i’ll call you an asshole & you’ll call me a bitch, by the end of the night it’s back never ending laughter and "i love yous" that we don’t quite know the meaning to.
you're a complete asshole when i want you and the sweetest guy when i don't need you.
looking in your eyes, seeing all i need. everything you are is everything in me. these are the moments i know heaven must exist.
i think what hurts the most is having the perfect picture of how things
[ could be ] [ should be ]
..but they just aren't.

I wanted you to be everything to me now I've got to learn to carry on. I know I cannot hide this emptiness inside but nothing is the same since you've gone
& when I wanna smile, I remember that night.
i want a guy thats sweet, you know give me his coat when i'm cold, stand up for me against his friends, treat me like i'm one of a kind, but most of all loves me for me
he completes her.
nothing more, nothing less.

i'm just another one of those girls who laughs during phone calls forces herself to fake a smile everyday & then collapse on her bed and wonders why he will never be hers
Have you ever just been sitting there minding your own business when you hear that sad song come on the radio & you start to cry & you just cant stop because at that moment, all you want to do is tell him how you feel & just hope he understands..but you can't anymore.
so talk, come on and open up. it's only me, it's the same old me. the one you used to love.
we pull into your driveway. i dont want you to leave. the stars get your attention, i lean back in my seat and we just talk & listen to the mix tape that you had made me days before.
you do something to me that i cant explain so would i be out of line if i said i miss you? i see your picture, i smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine, you have only been gone 10 days but already im wasting away. i know ill see you again,whether far or soon, but i need you to know that i care & i miss you.
If you love her, tell her she's amazing; pick her flowers from peoples' gardens; throw rocks at her window at night; make her laugh; slow dance with her even if the music is fast, or even if there is no music at all; kiss her in the rain; but most important of all... JUST TELL HER
Hearing "I love you baby" from anyone else, just wouldn't be acceptable.

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