Friday, October 16, 2009

remember when we first met? we laughed and smiled together. it was a perfect moment and we didn't even know each other.
Letting go of someone special to you is hard. But holding on to someone who doesn't feel the same way is even harder.
Are you scared to tell me the truth or are you taking so long because you're coming up with another amazing lie?
before i met you, my life was fine. you weren't in my head destroying my mind. but you came on strong & i wanted more, a feeling that i never felt before. what was i to do? you finally came. i don't think i'll ever win this game.
you may just be a boy but to her you’re the world. you are the reason the sun comes up every morning. you are the reason love exists & the reason music plays.
lets swing on the swings, slide down the slides, rock paper sissors; shoot for who loves the other more. then we'll whisper and giggle .. pinky promise that we'll never stop loving each other.
and with a sad heart, I say bye to you and wave, kicking shadows on the street, for every mistake that I had made
and when I think about you, i have to remind myself; if he wanted to talk to me he would
Is it love ; or just a crush? thinking about him nonstop all day long, listening to every song & picturing his face, thinking what it would be like to get married to him & all the sudden choosing names you'd like your kids to be named & wanting to be with him every night of the week
you tell me ; is it love, or just a crush?

I'm nowhere near perfect. I believe too many lies. & Keep hoping one day I won't be faking a smile. I live by quotes and lyrics that explain exactly what I'm going through. I have my bestfriends, my enemies my drama and my memories. I'm just me.
if you truely want to understand a girl, really listen to the songs that mean the most to her
I think the reason I still have feelings for you is because I am terrified. I am terrified to let you go. What if I don't find someone else like you?
she kept his picture on her wall, went half-crazy now & then. she still loved him through it all, & hoped he’d come back again.
I hope the next girl to hold your hand, holds on just a little tighter than I did, and realizes how lucky she is to have you
You hurt me. You hurt me really bad, made me cry, & broke my heart in two. With all your cruel words & times of never being there when i needed you the most.
no matter how serious life gets you still gotta have that one person who you can be completely stupid with.
i'm staring at your photograph; remembering all those times you made me laugh.
you broke it good this time. my knees are even starting to hurt. because i'm down here once again, picking up the pieces to my heart
It's amazing how you can keep so much bottled up inside of you and you can just walk around and nobody has any idea.
i live in a place where everyone gets high, the grades get low & if someone has a secret, everyone knows

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