Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's sad because every day we spent together is already being replaced by every day we spend apart.
i cant wait for the day when im sitting on the beach && you come running out of the ocean && tackle me, giving me a hug. && i wont even care if you get me wet, all because i’ll be in your arms.
The night I gave you my heart just happened to be the last time i saw you.
when you were with her I always wished I was the one wearing your hoodie. I always wished that you would ask me to dance but I knew that would never happen because she had you wrapped so tight, you could hardly even move.
it's not even like i still love him. or even care about him in the slightest bit. i just want him to be as unhappy as he made me
So, from now on... when you think of me, just remember i could have been the best thing you ever had.
You know, I still wait for your messages, as sad as it may seem. I haven't given up the thought that you'll come back to me. I think about it day & night, even in my dreams. I don't really want you anymore. I just want you to want me
& it's those days you wish you had a boyfriend to cuddle with, hold hands, kiss, tell him everything
Go ahead, go out with her, doesn't faze me a bit.. but don't come crawling back, complaining when things don't go right for had your chance with me, & I'm long over you by now.
i actually thought i had you then the next thing i know your back with "her"
as we sit together, i turn away afraid you'll see the tears that are about to form in my eyes. you ask me if anythings wrong. i smile &giggle & tell you im fine. but i cantstop thinking about how much i wish you were mine.
When he signs on it seems as if your world stops--and waits for that one instant message to come when he says...hi
If it means marrying you with a ring pop instead of a diamond ; I would do it
we were lying down in the grass looking up at the stars i was crying you rolled over and kissed every tear that fell on my cheek.
be weird. take random pictures. do something no on else would expect you to do. talk to someone you never would be, someone people think you arent. show you really are. dont hide under your smile.
first you leave me for her, then you realize how she really is then you call me wanting me back. but this is the real world and in the real world, you dont always get what you want.
well, it's getting colder and you're getting distant and I just keep thinking that I never meant it to be like this& it really starts to hurt when i start pretending that it doesn't
'cause she knows, deep down in her heart. that he'll be back, someday.
i've crumpled up about 7 notes so far. somethings wrong with each one, my hand writing is ugly, i ripped the paper due to erasing but most of all i can't say the words that say you mean the world to me
I almost believed you were a decent guy; somebody that could care about me, but you know what? I have been lied to before & it almost killed me.

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