Saturday, October 17, 2009

I saw you & your new girlfriend the other day. I expected her to be so much more than she was. I check out her style & the way she smiled,
the way she moved, and the thing she said. The way she looked at me was like "I got your man." And I was thinking "No, you have my whole world."

You know that awful feeling? When you finally forget a person, but then you think of them again, && you fall right back to where you began.
and it's days like this when the sun is shining, and all i can think of is your face.
and the place i once loved is the place i hate. and i can't get you out of my head.
and all i can think of that night when i would have given up the world for you.
and that same night i watched you walk away.

he was a heartbreaker & a cheater, too. she was so innocent, so sweet oh, how he knocked her off of her feet. told her he loved her, told her he cared but when she needed him, he was never there: out with the guys or so he said, while 5 other girls had him stuck in their head
I love you he whispered & without hesitation she turned & ran, tears streaming down her eyes. she just couldnt take it anymore, she was sick of his lies.
i miss everything we had, i miss our little fights. our stupid conversations. i miss everything about you and kid you'll never have any idea.
It’s so easy for a friend to say, "Pshhh, just get over him!" when deep down inside, you could never imagine being with anyone but him.
Even though we aren't together, & we were never really official, it felt so real ; so good. It will take awhile to adjust to the thought of not seeing you every day. I'm so afraid of forgetting the sound of your voice.
I wanna be the girl you talk to on the phone.The one you cry to saying " I dont wanna be alone."
I wanna know everything about you inside and out ; i wanna be the girl you cant live without
I built it up to watch it fall like we meant nothing at all, I gave & gave the best of me but couldn't give you what you need. you walked away & stole my life just to find what your looking for but no matter how I try ; I can't hate you anymore
Immature is a word used by people who don't know how to have fun.
'I thought I could live my life without you,‘ she says, trying to hold back her tears. 'I can’t. I’ve tried and I can’t do it.'
sometimes it tough being a girl. if you hate a pretty girl, people will think your jealous. if you like an older guy, people will call you a slut.
whenever you get into an argument with your best friend, no one will care and say "oh, you’ll be friends tomorrow" and when you fall for the right person, everyone else thinks he's wrong for you
And so this story ends with her sitting on her knees in his driveway, screaming and crying his name as he slowly goes inside closing the door.
Conversations that are filled with lies. If you could only see how she sees you through her eyes. Honestly, you don’t deserve her.Not anymore.
Take this knife and run it down your chest. Does this feel like love? No, but it’s close.
I remember . . . the way we'd talk for hours running up our cell phone bills ; how we'd laugh about the stupidest things & didn't even know
why it was funny ; when we'd tell one another about the love of our lives & not even know we were talking about each other, too bad you don't even remember
it's funny to think that after 2 hours of straight crying, scratching your name out of 5 different notebooks, ripping up your pictures and notes, deleting your screen name from my buddy list .. i still love you
You wanna know why I like you like no other girl has? Because I can see that you arent just that player, with the whole bad ass thing going on, I can see that behind that is a sweet caring person, and to prove it, you've shown me that person before, but just for a moment. So I'm going to be here waiting for you, cause I see what other people cannot in you and I really want to bring out the best of you.

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