Saturday, October 10, 2009

it's hard to talk to ex boyfriends because you have to face the reality, that he's not yours anymore
I'm not afraid of what I feel ;;I'm a f r a i d of what you don't.
i'm not even going to cry anymore because i don't see what good it would do. tears or no tears...i'm still without you
baby, I want the whole world to see, just how good your love looks on me
let me just sit here & pretend i'm worth something to you
if not being able to see him makes you want to cry.. you love him.
& it became clear so suddenly darling, you're allergic to honesty.
everytime I see you..I'm afraid to look stupid & i have to keep myself from staring at you for too long.
the only guy that deserves you is the one who thinks he doesn't. the one that'll stick by your side no matter how much you mess up. the one who'll forgive you mistake after mistake.
I guess you can't hurt someone unless you really matter to them
& i keep going back to the one thing i need to get myself away from, and thats you.
love is when you are kept awake at night with thoughts of him. when sleep finds you, he's waiting there in your dreams.
I completly fell for you & you didn't even stumble.

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