Wednesday, October 7, 2009

stupid nicknames for each other hugs from behind, late night talks, holding hands under the stars, laughing until our sides hurt.
no... we're just friends

I want that kind of guy who I can run to with tears streaming, make up smearing, and the first thing he says is, " alright, who's ass am I kicking?! "
& oh, you messed up, you let the only girl who has ever really cared slip away forever.
I saw you today, but I immediately turned my head and walked away. I knew that if our eyes just happened to meet that's all it would have taken to bring me to tears.
a year later i showed you two pictures of me. in the first one i was gorgeous,my smile was perfect and my eyes glittered. i was honestly happy. in the second one, something was different my eyes were dull and my smile was fake. i looked into his eyes and knew he knew what the difference was. "you see this picture" i ask, pointing to the first one,"thats happiness, thats when we were together. thats the difference, we were together when that was taken" you looked down at the ground and try to avoid my eyes. "i know" you said "i can tell".
i love how i can be a total idiot around you, and you will still make me feel ABSOLUTELY amazing
every little call you don't answer..
every little lie you tell me..
every little thing that you don't say..
well all the little things add up to a big heartbreak.

when two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is to far , & NOBODY can tear them apart
do you have any idea what i'd do for you? any idea of how much i love you. any idea of how much i hurt everytime i see you with her?
You've taken away her smile, her laugh, the happy girl she used to be.

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