Thursday, October 15, 2009

& Sometimes someone can mean so much to you, not even the truth can change your mind.
sweetheart, you can't bullshit me. see, i've lied to myself enough to know when someone else is doing it. so, let's try this again, and how about the truth this time.
why do you do what you do to me? you're shaking my confidence, driving me insane. you know if i could, i'd do anything for you. please don't ignore me. you know i adore you.
there's something about this boy ;; he can make her so mad but she can turn around and give him the biggest smile that you've ever seen before
her: you know, i had a dream about you last night
him: really? what was I doing
her: breaking my heart like you are now

her friends tell her she's gorgeous. she ignores their comments, && on the inside, she thinks she's the ugliest person alive as the person she love, love someone else.
It was quiet in the car so I was thinking of you. So I turn on the radio & hear my favorite song. But it made me think of you, so I turned off the
radio. I looked out the window, & I saw the pouring rain. & it made me think of you..I miss you

I’m the girl, the one that always lost. the one with the fake smile && the girl who seems to be so strong, but daily continues to break, that girl who's always there and seems to have no problems of her own. the one who holds back tears until she's off the phone... that girl that is in love with a guy who doesn't care.
&& she's just a stupid little girl with her hopes too high && feelings much too strong especially for a boy like him
dont settle for a guy that'll kiss your ass, wait for the one who pushes your buttons & pisses you off on a daily basis. love isnt suppose to be easy, its suppose to be worth it.
&& i love it when you go out of your way just to make me feel better, because i know you deeply care about me
I'd do anything to hear you say my name the way you used to...i'd do anything for you do look at me that way...i would do anything for you to love me again
There's no use looking back again..i might as well give in..we've just taken different roads...and i'll have to live with that now.
I'm not a quick learner...i came back to the person who broke my heart in the first place and asked them to fix it..then he just broke it all over again.
Smeared make-up, tear stained cheeks, red eyes, broken heart, all because of him.
How can you just completely ignore me when i tell you how i feel? How can it be a big deal to me and mean nothing to you?
To be happy with a guy; you must understand him a lot, and love him a little. To be happy with a girl; you must love her a lot, & not try to understand her at all.
She spends half her day doing her makeup & hair that perfect pretty way for a guy who will never fucking care.
Donne-moi ton coeur
[give me your heart]

I need to get away from this, escape from this, get away from my mistake, get away from you.

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