Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I love him. I probably always will. And the sad thing is...No - he doesn't love me, he probably never will.
You tell yourself over and over again that it isn't worth it; that it could never last. That the friendship would be ruined. But every time he calls you, you wonder if this will finally be the phone call when he says what you want him to. And every time you look into his eyes, you're gone again
& it sucks because i know he's out there falling in and out of love with girls who aren't me..
I'm curious, what does she have that I don't? Sure, she can make you smile, but only I can make you laugh.
I was feeling totally over him, I told myself it was just a stupid crush, but then he smiled at me...
they`re the perfect couple; he lies & she believes!
everytime she laughs ; shes prays that he is watching..not so he will see she is happy again . but so maybe he will fall for her [ smile ] - as hard as she fell for his
as she silently read and turned through the pages of her diary, tears slowly streamed down her beautiful face as she vowed never to fall in love again.
"I have a question to ask you," he whispered against the side of my ear "okay," i whispered back "how do you feel about us? so far?" I kissed him. "like that.." He smiled. "that's how i feel too."
I bet you were expecting a long list of how much i love you ; but there are [no words] i know of that can possibly describe how i feel.
love me without fear, trust me without wondering, love me without restrictions, want me without demand, accept me how i am.
Just because I don't always follow you around, and I don't always throw myself at you, & I'm sometimes at a loss for words doesn't mean I don't like you
you were my ticket out of here & i was your dream come true, you gave me everything i ever wanted except for you.
lets set the record straight, no one makes me smile quite like you do.
it took me by complete surprise when my heart got lost in those dark brown eyes. he's not at all what i was looking for. he's so much more.

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