Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I guess that it's typical to cling to memories you'll never get back again.
It's those things you hate about yourself that someday someone will love about you.
I wish that when they all tell me that you just aren't worth it, I could tell them they're right but for some reason I get this look on my face and defend you over and over
It doesn't matter how long you've known him. If he's had you smiling since day one, don't ever lose him.
Don't worry about me, my heart's not broken anymore. You should be worrying about yourself because as far as I can see...you're still an asshole
she's lying in bed at 3 AM wondering why she believed him for so long, tears run down her face as she picks up the phone and dials the number she knows by heart but when he answers her voice is frozen.
so let's buy 100 disposable cameras..& we`ll waste all the film on us.
you complain cuz you cant find the right girl. i guess friendship makes you go blind to see whats standing right in front of you
its not that i wana be the only girl in your life, i just wana be the only one that matters*
someone mentioned your name the other day and asked if i knew you. i thought of all of our memories, and choking back tears, looked down and said, "yeah, i used to."
who do you wanna be? the guy i tell my secrets to or the guy my secrets are about?
we used to be able to talk about everything but now it`s impossible to even start a decent conversation with you ; you can't deny it things have changed ; we've grown apart && you have to face the fact that i will no longer be there every single time you need me. the truth is what it is && that is i do not have anymore respect for you as an individual now you're just another face in the crowd.
i never wanted to fit in any place except your heart but in the end we grew apart
She's beautiful. He knows it. His only problem with love is he never shows it.

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