Thursday, October 22, 2009

&& theres just something about love songs that makes me wish you were still here. I'm missing you to death.
And she has that song on repeat. The one about that boy who she just can't get over.
she said she didn't like him. he said he'll just try harder
i hope you fall in love again just so you can get your heart broken five times worse than you broke mine
&she ripped up the worn out picture, she's sick of being reminded of the life that she gave up.
your face is in her yearbook, its circled and in hearts and as she sits beside herself, she wonders what she ever loved you for...
what if i said you never mattered, that i never lost a moment of sleep. what if i crushed all your dreams, broke all the promises i swore to keep. tell me how your life would be, if i did to you what you did to me?
i'll never understand it, why or how fate allowed us to meet;; but never be together
when you get married and have kids && your little girl asks you who your first true love was . . i hope you say my name
People always ask me, "who do you like?" And I always reply, "no one" and its always been a lie
the first time I felt true pain was when I saw you declare your love for her.. and I saw my heart break into a m i l l i o n p i e c e s
i never meant to hurt you and i never wanted it to end. but i was afraid you'd realize i'm too far from perfect for anyone to love

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