Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I sit && look at your picture whenever I can't talk to you or see you. But they get old after a while, and so do the memories, lies, tears, && heartbreak. But yet I'm still head over heels in love with you.
I'm not like other girls i don't need a million things that show you love me, all I need is three little words...
but when i look at him i see all those memories of us. && i wonder if maybe he's still seeing them too
If he takes the time to argue back, he cares more than you think.
there's this girl..& all she does is think about you constantly
wanna be the one he stays up all night thinking about and tells all his boys 'i think i love her'
how can you look her in the eyes and use the same words you used on me
i wanna be the girl who you hit a homerun for, you score a goal for, you write a song for. i wanna be the girl who makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes your heart skip a beat. i just wanna be that girl
See that girl? She used to laugh non-stop, all the time. Her smile was contagious. And she had a sparkle in her eye that could light a city. But you ask, why'd that go away? Well honey, its because you went away.
they said we stood a little too close, stared a little too long, they probably thought we were in love.

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