Monday, October 12, 2009

remembering you is easy, i do it everyday, missing you is the heartache that never goes away.
There's nothing a girl wants more than what she can't have.
sometimes all you wish for is someone to wish for you
it's so amazing ; just knowing i could never walk away
& i was like a prisoner inside your selfish world, there wasn't enough room for me and all your other girls
SMILE ;; it might not help you feel better but it`ll stop people from asking whats wrong
and you're never going to be will always have me.
& now every time someone says remember when, Its makes me think about how happy I use to be & how I never had to fake a smile but that's why I only think of it when people say remember when
there's something about you that always makes me smile. && i know it's something special, because i haven't done that in a while
I got caught in the moment trying to remember your smell, your voice, hoping it would never stop. wishing that we could go on forever.
right about now you'd be saying sweet nothings, and i'd be hanging on your every word. my lips would be wet with your kisses, and we'd be lost in our own little world
sometimes holding hands is holding everything

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