Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The boy that I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life.
The boy that made me smile every time I laid my eyes on him.
The boy that promised me that I'll forever be his.
The boy that made me nervous when we first kissed.
The boy that made me feel so secure about myself.
I gave up on that boy.

it's so cute to see someone with a relationship holding hands, flirting, just being in love. & even though it might be something you don't have, it's something that one day you will find
let's hold hands, and never let go. as long as we're together, nothing can break us.
I wanna be the girl who sparkles && shines in your eyes everytime you see me.
how does it feel to know that you were the one that made me give up on love?
so I'll let the song play. But only because you sang it to me.
People constantly ask me
"Are you two going out?"
but they have no idea how much it hurts to say
"No, we're just friends..."

it may have taken hundreds of fights, thousands of i'm sorry's, && millions of tears, but she finally realized he's not the one for her
don't love me because i'm beautiful, don't love me because you should, && don't love me because i love you, but love me because you want to && you know that you couldn't live life without there's a reason to love me
im sure you love knowing you can have me; anytime you want
remember when we said goodbye, i wiped my tears; you didnt cry
show no emotion; dont let you see what you do to me i imagine the two of us together; but im not living in reality i dont care if you think im crazy i have no fear of losing you because you cant lose what you never had
so you left me hanging once again and i'll wait; i'll wait until you call and repeat the words, im sorry. yeah well sorry doesnt cut it this time we have been here too many times before
i hope that i never have to look in your gorgeous eyes ever again because i know that i will get sucked right back into what we had and i will miss it so much
turn around walk away make it easier, no one is forcing you to stay. you stole my past, i want it back. dont let the door hit your ass on the way out ..i hope she makes you cry
some day you'll see that you made a mistake and by the time you wake up itll be too late cause i will have moved on and found someone new
someone who loves me the way i used to love you

i love you because when you're talking to another girl && i feel insecure you hold me tight to let me know you're mine && to let her know you are COMPLETELY taken
he thinks she's beautiful. she's not. he thinks she's nice. she's not. but yet, through all of that, you wish you could be her, cus that's all he ever wanted && all you ever wanted was to be wanted

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