Monday, November 16, 2009

I need to say no & break myself away from him. I need to forget what we had & how much i loved him, & how much he meant to me cause it's over now, whether i like it or not..
I don't want to hear that you love her & I don't want to see you kiss her because it only reminds me of the times I never got to spend with you
She doesn’t want to be buddy-buddy with you because a part of her still loves you. Well...maybe not love, but she doesn’t want it to turn back into love.Because she did love you. & by spending time with you, it would remind her of how it USED to be...once upon a time, when you actually cared
When I tell him that I'm falling in love. Why does he say, "Hush, keep it down, voices carry."
we drew chalk hearts on the sidewalk in the park & magically fell in love
yeah, i'm over you but I still have you on my buddylist & i still smile when you sign on..
it's weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends to being practicaly strangers again- how fast
Same old story's back again, she's not a lover--she's just a friend
if he catches you looking at him, just remember he was looking at you too
& when we aren't together, I want to be the one he's missing.
you look. he looks. you look. he looks. you walk away wondering if your look had the same affect on him that his did on you
i know he's not gonna call me anymore & i've accepted it but i cant delete his number from my cell, because if he does happen to call & make my day..i wanna know its him
i want someone who loves me more than he loves sports or at least someone i can love more than i love ice cream. someome to become my new favorite & not just my favorite person..but favorite feeling, favorite taste, favorite favorite everything
&& she is barely hanging on, but she knows she can't let go..
boy: i never thought you would move on as quick as you did.
girl: why do you care?
boy: we were together for so long
girl: yes, but you broke up with me
boy: and now you have a new boyfriend, i just didn't think you would get over me so fast.
girl: i'm not over you, i'm distracting myself. *walks away*

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