Friday, November 6, 2009

she straightens her hair, applies her make-up, smooths out her clothes, &takes one last look in the mirror, just to see what a failure she is
i wanted you to look at me. but , you didn't stare for at least 1 second cause you were busy with her . i should've known better.
i sit straight up. & realize what i have been wasting my life on. boy , you were never there for me. through all the things i've been through.
everyday i thought of you. & it didn't even mean anything to you..

he tucked her hair behind her ear. "please.. just tell me you love me.." she whispered. feeling bad, he said, "i'm sorry baby.. i'm already in love. with someone else."
They all wanted to be her - thinking her life was just perfect - she was pretty, popular, and had everything but what they didnt know is she would give it all up for one peaceful night one night where her dreams weren't haunted with memories of him.
i hate seeing you with her. not because i'm jealous, but because i know i used to be her.
he said ;; you know what your problem is & i replied; yes i do. i fell in-love with the idea that no matter what happened you would always be
there. "when haven't i" he asked - & as a tear trickled down my cheek - i said; ever since the day ''SHE'' walked through the door

yeah. it can be cute when people who have a lot in common date each other, but isnt it more fun to date someone you can argue with, and then in the end agree to disagree then hold each other tight? i mean really - why would you want to date yourself ?
Do you ever sit and think, "What if...?" What if you had never said the first hello? What if your paths had never crossed? What if you kept your mouth shut and just let things pass? What if you had just five more minutes? What if you could turn back time and make it all stand still? What if..?
The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all of your flaws, differences, & mistakes and yet still sees the best in youu.
its the same old story you've heard it before; girl loves boy more then he could ever love anyone.

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