Thursday, November 12, 2009

& everytime a boy breaks your heart you'll move on & find a new one & you think; maybe this boy won't be like the rest. but in the end he lets you down just like all the others, leading you to think all boys will break your heart
It's kind of like he's one of those songs that goes around & around in your head, & you just can't get it out
I'm gonna smile my best smile & I'm gonna laugh like its going' out of style look into his eyes & pray that he don't see learning to live again is killing me
i sigh with tears in my eyes, flop myself down onto my bed and whisper over and over, "what did i do wrong ?"
There's someone out there for everyone, except this is like the world's largest game of hide and go seek, and you bet that boy found the best hiding spot there and he's waiting for you to find him. Or better yet, maybe he'll get tired of waiting and find you instead.
holding onto broken hearts, memories are what's left of us. you're trying too hard to be my friend & i'm placing all our pictures in these broken frames to remind me never to fall in love again
How can you look into my eyes and give me butterflies then turn around & do the same for her
and i wonder if the way you dont talk to me, is just to cover up the feelings your just afraid to have
While other girls doodle hearts, I scribble tiny stars - little wishes for everything to somehow be okay
I wouldn't change the past for anything. I wouldn't change the way i felt, the things i did, & what i said. I wouldn't change who i was or what you meant to me. The only thing i would change was the way you felt back
I'm that girl... the one that is always lost. The one with the fake smile & the girl who seems to be so strong, but daily continues to break down. That girl who's always there for all her friends, when not even her best friend can help her. The one who holds back tears until she's off the phone.
Every night before i go to bed; I turn on my radio and just listen. I listen for the songs that remind me of you and I; so i'll go to bed with nothing but a smile on my face
I love you more than anyone else in the whole world...and you don't even have a clue. No one does. My world is such a mess without you. Nothing makes sense. I wonder if I'm going to feel like this forever. It already seems like eternity and I'm not sure how much more I can take. All I can do is sit here and wonder. Wonder how you can break my heart in two. But at the same time, be the only reason I'm still here.
You know, she really did love you more than anyone else ; but you just let her walk into your life & walk right back out. Boy, you missed your chance, because nobody will ever love you, like that girl did...
It's crazy the way you see someone for two minutes of the day yet they were the best two minutes of your day and you find yourself wanting the next 23 hours and 58 minutes to pass as quick as possible
& it all comes down to that last person you think about before you fall asleep.
There's always gonna be that guy, that no matter what happens between you two, no matter how long you go without talking, you just never stop loving him.
Leave your window open for me. I'll crawl in through it && climb on top of you, then we'll lay there with your arms locked around me && my head against your chest, i'll fall asleep listening to my favorite song. The beat of your heart drumming to the sound of a promise kept.
one day when its too late your going to say " i love you " then when i dont reply your going to muster up everything you have & ask " do you love me ? " & you know what im going to say? " i used to love you. i wish i still did, but you were with all those other girls & you were way too blind to see what was right in front of you the whole time. i've dropped you hints & i've tried to make it clear but you never caught on, so right now im going to have to say that we're just friends like you did to me all those times "
I wish my hand was on top of yours instead of this stupid computer mouse.
she ignores all the other guys because she's too busy waiting for him even though she knows he'll never come

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