Monday, November 30, 2009

& here I am. All dressed up with my make-up perfect. & I don’t know why I’m doing this ;It’s not like he’ll notice me anyway
my heart is broken. im lying here. my thoughts are choking, on you, my dear.
sometimes i wish i could go back to the days when i was six & my biggest problem was what kind of dress to put on barbie
it takes a strong heart to love but an even stronger heart to love after its been shattered
ive made my MiSTAKES. now i have REGRET to keep me company.
i want a guy that will make me happy. someone that will make me smile when i hear his voice. someone that will love me unconditionally. i want a guy that will make my friends say to one another, "she's happy again."
i know you're worth the wait and i can't explain what i'm going through inside but i would turn away the world just to have you here with me tonight
Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people. But you never forget them. & sometimes it's those memories that give us the
faith to go on.
i honestly dont know what hurts more ;; knowing that the future holds nothing for you or knowing that the future doesn't even include you
sometimes love sucks & that's why you're saying you're miserable watching other people fall for each other but then on the other hand you think i wish that was me

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