Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i look into your eyes and i see that same boy i fell in love with and even tho things have changed i still love you
Of course I still love you, I probably always will.
And even though sometimes I have second thoughts and mixed emotions, I'm still going to love you in the end..A L W A Y S

and she says she doesnt care anymore but the look in her eyes and the sound of her voice tells a different story
i love him and he says he loves me back but when we're together i feel like im under attack cause no matter what i know how this will end he'll be in love with "her" and i'll be missing him
why am i sitting here.. all day and all night waiting for a call or an answer from you. i cant let you mean this much to me. im still broken and a mess from last time.. im definitely not ready for another heartbreak
don't believe the boy that tells you he loves you, believe the boy that proves it to you
i'll always think of you and smile, and be happy for the time i had you with me
you dont get to choose who you fall for, you just fall && you end up with someone in front of you who is so wrong yet so incredibly
right but remember its not about being perfect its about being happy

you're know that? you see me breaking, falling apart, so full of hatred..& yet you love see me crying, weak, & yet remain un-phased. i don't know how you can love me, but whatever it is..i hope it doesn't go away.
She is much better off without him. Her smiles aren't fake now. Her heart finally realized what her head had been saying all along "I deserve better."
Something tells me that whatever happens with us, whether we stay together or go our separate ways, either one of us will never forget the time we spent together

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